Our Unforgettable Dining Adventure at Low and Slow

Low and Slow

Dinner and a show. That is what you will get when you dine at Low and Slow Smokehouse. This past Saturday, my family and I went on a little adventure. This adventure I had planned to do this for several months but something always came up and we never could go. So this weekend, after being cooped up in the house with sinus issues and bronchitis, we decided we would go. And weren’t disappointed. We came for the food but stayed for the show. So keep reading about our unforgettable dining adventure at Low and Slow.

Low and Slow
Our View from Our Table

Low and Slow Smokehouse is located right off the runaway of the Johnston County Airport, which is about 30 minutes from our house, maybe a little bit longer, but it was worth the drive. I have yet to share the post about my word of the year, it is written, and I will share it tomorrow but remember, my word is Adventure. And that is what we got when dined there.

I was a little worried that the weather wouldn’t cooperate, but it was nice, so nice in fact, we were to dine on the outdoor deck and watch as the planes took off and landed less than a short walk from us. I lost count of how many planes we saw, but just take my word for it was a lot!!! I am so glad that not only were we able to get out of the house but we were also able to soak up Vitamin D and some fresh air. Plus, it was a new place for us to try and a new adventure sitting that close to the runway and watching planes.

I was really torn about what to order, though, because everything on the menu look amazing. I ended up asking the waitress what she recommended, and she suggested the Meat Master Sampler. It had a little of everything that they cook there as well as it was enough for both hubby and me to share and still have leftovers to take home.

Our Unforgettable Dining Adventure at Low and Slow

Here is what was in the Meat Master Sampler.

  • 1 Chicken Quarter
  • 6 oz of pulled pork (AKA BBQ)
  • 8 oz of brisket ( This was my favorite the meat was so tender and would be great in a sandwich)
  • 8 oz of smoked sausage
  • 2 bones of ribs
  • and 2 sides
Low and Slow Cheese Fries
The Cheese fries were on the table that is how close we were.

We also as an appetizer cheese fries, which were so good. I mean, you can’t go wrong with cheese fries. I think hubby ate most of them for sure. Gracie ordered a burger, and it was a lot of burger.

Before we ordered, the waitress brought us complimentary pork rinds. And anyone who knows my husband knows how much he loves chicharrones ( the Spanish for pork skins/rinds). He made quick work of them, slathering them with Texas Pete.

Fun Fact: Did you know Texas Pete was born in North Carolina and not in Texas? In some places, you can’t find it like California, I always have to ship some to Maddie when she runs out.

We enjoyed our afternoon at Low and Slow Smokehouse, and I can guarantee that we will be back, even if it is just to grab an appetizer and a drink. It was such a great adventure and new experience that I can’t wait to go on more adventures in the future.

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