4 Design Tips for a Better Bathroom

4 Design Tips for a Better Bathroom from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Are you tired of your dull, dingy bathroom? Are you ready to make changes that will transform the area into a place where you genuinely enjoy spending time? Here are just four interior design tips for a better bathroom. That can help you give your bathroom a full-body makeover.

1. Improve Your Lighting

If your bathroom light is the stark florescent kind that washes you out, it’s definitely time for an upgrade. Not only is it giving you a false impression of your makeup, but it’s also turning your bathroom into a harsh place rather than a relaxing, inviting one. Think about softening your light so that you can enjoy a bubble bath in total tranquility.

2. Coordinate Your Colors

A pink shower curtain is going to clash with blue hand towels and a beige floor mat. Instead of letting your bathroom accumulate ugly, non-matching design elements, try to give yourself a set color scheme. For example, you might decorate everything with whites and blues. This will give your bathroom a sleeker appearance, and it will also make it easier to shop for room decor in the future. You’ll already know what shades to buy.

3. Get Organized

Disorganization is one of the most common causes of bathroom frustration. If you’re constantly bumping elbows with your spouse because you can’t stop reaching around each other for hairbrushes and shaving creams, that’s a problem. You’ll want to install nooks, hooks, bathroom towel rails, and shelves that allow you to get things off the counter and into neat, orderly spaces.

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Start Over

Last but certainly not least, if you’re fundamentally dissatisfied with the state of your bathroom, it’s okay to start from scratch. It might cost you more upfront, but you’ll save yourself from constant little expenses as you keep trying to put a band-aid over a bullet wound. Consider something like customized bathroom design Baton Rouge if you’re ready to start over.

These are just a few tips for designing a better bathroom. Feel free to expand on them if inspiration strikes! It’s your bathroom, so you get the final say.

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  1. Great tips for bathroom designing. I really appreciate your blog post. Definitely will follow these tips when I will make my bathroom.

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