How to Make Your Bathroom (Feel) Bigger

How to Make Your Bathroom (Feel) Bigger from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom
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The bathroom is always an underestimated room in any house. When you’re moving into a new place, it’s so easy to think you won’t be spending a huge amount of time there in contrast to the bedroom, kitchen or lounge area, and so it quickly becomes your lowest priority. However, you’ll soon realize there’s nothing worse than a small, dingy bathroom to share with the whole family. Your baths and showers should be a time for relaxation and cleansing, not staring wistfully at the ceiling and wishing it was a bit higher. But it’s too late now, right? Short of knocking the walls through and getting an extension, there’s no way to make the bathroom bigger – you’re stuck with it? Wrong! Below are some simple ways to make your bathroom feel bigger, cleaner, and more luxurious, without going to the expense of a complete renovation.

Light colors

If your bathroom is dark and dingy, then reach for some waterproof bathroom paint! Go for the lightest color you can find that isn’t pure white. This can look too stark and clinical, but a pale cream (or eggshell blue!) will rejuvenate your bathroom and create the illusion of extra space. While painting, be sure to keep an eye out for places where you might want to use a sealant to keep your bathroom watertight and sparkling.


There’s nothing that screams posh bathroom like some gorgeous tiles. Cover the walls with them, have a decorative line above your bath and shower, or be extra fancy and go for some ceiling tiles, so now when you look up, you can be looking at something beautiful!


Good lighting can have a drastic effect on how a room feels. A statement fixture could completely change the look of your bathroom, and make it feel like an oasis of luxury in your home. Ideally, look for a system which allows you to alter the brightness of the light, so you can go for that bright morning wake-up vibe, or relax with a dimmer atmosphere in the evenings. Candles are also a fantastic bathroom investment for that extra slice of perfection.


Mirrors are the best way to make any room feel bigger. Their reflections create the illusion of extra space, so the four walls of your bathroom won’t feel as enclosing as they used to. They also reflect any light, either natural sunlight or the light from your beautiful new fixtures, creating an airy and bright atmosphere perfect for those morning routines!


Just one or two plants can help oxygenate a smaller room, plus providing a bit of color and life to your bathroom. Ferns are a really good option as they thrive in damp conditions, and don’t mind being without a lot of sunlight. If ferns aren’t your thing, try succulents or even a plastic alternative – which won’t give you the extra oxygen, but will still give the same visual effect! Cacti are great, but a risk wherever there are children around, as their needles can be very sharp.

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