Custom Doors: Why Your Fireplace Needs Them

Everything you need to know about custom fireplace doors for prefab fireplaces and how to shop for them. 

Custom Doors- Why Your Fireplace Needs Them from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Those outdated, old fireplace doors are distracting and unappealing. With fireplaces being such a focal point in any home, any unstylish elements can draw the wrong kind of attention. Beyond that, custom doors help to ensure the safe use of your fireplace. When it comes to replacement fireplace doors, many people do not understand where to start shopping. More importantly, many people fail to understand the true potential and importance that custom fireplace doors can have. 

Stop staring at those ugly doors and find out why custom replacement fireplace doors are essential to keeping your fireplace in its best condition. When it comes to design, safety, and energy efficiency, a pair of custom glass fireplace doors are always a smart move. Expanding your knowledge beyond a “fireplace doors near me” Google search is worth finding the perfect. 

What Do I Need Custom Doors? 

Custom Doors- Why Your Fireplace Needs Them from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

The first place to start is understanding your fireplace to best pick a door. Two main types of fireplaces, masonry, and prefab, require different doors.
Masonry fireplaces are commonly built into homes and these kinds of fireplaces can usually work with easy to find stock doors, like Home Depot fireplace doors. If your fireplace is a normal size and shape, this might work for you. 

However, if your fireplace is prefab or a uniquely shaped masonry, custom doors are necessary. Prefab fireplaces require a seal that makes it safe for them to properly function. This means any prefab doors will need to be perfectly measured to your exact fireplace in order to meet safety requirements. 

Considering the type of fireplace you have, in addition to its size and shape, will be your first step in the shopping process. Looking into a shopping guide to make sure you’ve considered all your options and understand what you need is important before moving forward. Without the right fit, the benefits of fireplace doors could be compromised. Getting a grasp on just what you are looking for should always be step one. 


Custom Doors- Why Your Fireplace Needs Them from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

First and foremost, custom fireplace doors will make any old fireplace look new and specially cared for. A secure fit will eliminate any unwanted gapping between the firebox and your mantel. Custom doors also offer the benefit of customization, with special glass tints and frame colors. So many options exist beyond simply black frames and clear glass. With a little bit of research, you will find options fit for every taste. 

The clean, precise look of a perfectly fitting door will instantly make a fireplace look sleeker and completely redesigned. With the look of clean, fresh glass in replacement fireplace doors, your entire fireplace could look brand new. Scratched, cracked, or dirty glass can make even the best paint job or mantel decor seem neglected. New fireplace doors will make your fireplace worth noticing, even when you aren’t enjoying time next to a fire. 


Custom doors also offer safety benefits, especially when it comes to prefab fireplaces. While the doors need to be open while fires are actually burning, the seal that comes from custom built fireplace doors will help ease any worries about proper ventilation with fires. Custom doors will be secured perfectly to meet these safety regulations, without the potential of harmful mistakes caused by poor air flow. Knowing proper fireplace safety codes can also help eliminate any worries. 

In addition, fireplace doors will help prevent messy, potentially dangerous, ash and dust from escaping the firebox. Hot ash or dust could quickly spark onto nearby surfaces. By preventing sparks from leaving the firebox with the protection of a custom set of fireplace doors, you can ease the worries about starting unwanted flames in your home. This will also help a fireplace and mantel always look pristine, even with a messy firebox. 

Custom Doors- Why Your Fireplace Needs Them from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom


With masonry or prefab fireplaces, the chimney flue is always a concern. Essentially, this chimney flue acts like an open window to the outdoors, allowing conditioned air to escape or the outdoor atmosphere to enter your home. This window should never prevent you from wanting to make use of your fireplace, which is why custom doors can actually help increase the efficiency in your home. 

Custom doors offer a seal that is perfectly constructed to the exact measurements of your specific firebox. This seal limits the amount of air that can enter, or be released, through the chimney flue in your home. Custom replacement fireplace doors will help keep your warm nights cozy and hot summer days cool. 

With all of these things considered, custom fireplace doors truly are an investment. They won’t break the bank, but they will bring so much to your home’s fireplace. With so much potential, a great set of replacement doors will make every fireside night worth remembering. 

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