How to Manage Your Twins

How to Manage Your Twins from North Carolina Lifestyle blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

It isn’t crazy if sometimes you feel your twins are a little too much to handle. Rather, it’s something every mom feels but does not like to admit because she loves her kids so much. Guess what, we feel exactly the same!

All moms feel they spend too much time with their toddlers and do not have any personal space left. While that may be true, it is definitely for a few years and will end before we can realize that our kids have grown up. Managing twins is extremely hectic and challenging for a mom, especially a working mom. While it is all manageable in the end, all moms need a few tips to make sure they don’t lose their minds and have fun growing up with their kids. Here are a few tips every mom with twins needs to know:

1. Get a Double Stroller

While you may be happy to carry both your kids around when you head out to shop or simply for a walk, carrying them for longer hours is not possible. Instead of tiring yourself and your partner, you can go for a double stroller. This works for people with two kids even if not twins. The double stroller is easier to walk around, push around and redirect to any place you want.

The double stroller is great for your toddler and lets you enjoy looking around without getting tired. You can choose from a variety of colors, fabrics, and sizes for your kids and customize as per your liking.

2. Pre-ready Lunches

It is important for your peace of mind to have a schedule you can follow. While it may be very difficult to do so with twins in the house, you still need some work done in advance. Instead of losing your entire schedule because your kid decided to eat something else, you need to have a prepared menu for them.

You obviously know what your kids like to eat every now and then. So you need to prepare your menu and freeze some lunches for them in case of emergencies. You can even have the nanny or your partner help you around with freezing food items that are half prepped and simply need to be heated for complete cooking. This way, you get to have more time on your hands only because you have been careful and mindful of time earlier.

3. Automation

In order to make sure you are able to enjoy life and manage time to play around with your twins, you need to have some automation in your house. This means, your house should be on a click’s control. Get smart technology that helps you care for your kids by offering them your time and services.

For example, you can get an automatic machine to wash their clothes instead of heading out for laundry every second day. You can also get a dishwasher installed instead of spending hours doing the dishes and ignoring your children. The best thing about having an automated house is that it can be controlled with your smartphone and you can manage the rest of your home chores alongside.

It is important to manage time with your children instead of simply managing them. Especially in the case of twins, you really need to be vigilant all the time!

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