4 Simple Changes that Can Give Your Interior a Fresh Vibe

4 Simple Changes that Can Give Your Interior a Fresh Vibe from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

To create a more interesting interior, not every change needs to be huge to give it a fresh feeling. Adding new elements can make an older home feel newer. Picking and choosing what to change also makes it affordable for homeowners with a budget to keep. 

Here are four changes with help enhance and improve your interior without a huge amount of effort. 

1.Evergreen Flower Decorative Feature

Sola Wood flowers are an interesting alternative to buying fresh flowers which die off too quickly. They’re designed to resemble colorful flowers but are made from sola wood which is a type of yucca plant that grows in tropical climates.

The yuca is cut into thin strips and dyed different colors. Indeed, they’re actually 100% handmade and patterned into many attractive designs and colored using dyes to bring incredible vibrancy to any space. 

These types of displays last many years without losing their hue. They’re available as bouquets or even as kits to create something truly unique in your home or as decoration in the outdoor patio area too. 

2. Add Framed Pictures to the Walls

Instead of having plain walls with only the wall paint providing the backdrop, change it up!

Have a rummage around for old pictures and their negatives. See if there are any that would be great as a larger print and placed in a wooden or metal frame to hang on the wall. Alternatively, a newer photo that’s sitting in a My Photos folder on your iPhone or Android device could be ripe for framing too. 

What’s best is to focus on the positive, happy emotions that well up when looking at certain photos. These evocative reactions are what you want to lift you up on down days when walking in the room. 

3. Enhance the Bathroom

Consider adding a longer mirror to make the bathroom brighter by helping to spread sunlight more widely. 

Is there space inside the bathroom for a slim table along the side? This could hold useful grooming items or even be a place to stash your smartphone if you forget and bring it into the bathroom. Also, a rug would enhance comfort when standing barefoot at the washbasin in the morning too. 

Add small infusions of color through new bathroom elements. This might be an attractive container for bathroom toiletries such as for soapy bubbles, candles to keep dry, and other items.

4. Comfy Seating for All

Is your sofa or armchair showing signs of age? If they have a fabric covering, has it faded, making the room look a bit drab? Maybe it’s time for something new…

Choosing a sofa and armchairs is an important decision. You’ll live with them for a few years, so they need to be comfortable. As Dr. Phil would say, “It’s your soft place to fall” and while we don’t recommend literally falling into them, they are great for resting our weary bodies before tackling the rest of the day!

Consider what covering you’d prefer. It could be leather, fabric or a hybrid. Think about getting a color that not only will go well with other interior decoration themes through the years but stands out in its own right. 

When you want to add a new vibe and create more positive feelings, pick the ideas that appeal more to your heart than your head. This will ensure that they’ll put a smile on your face when you walk in the door after a long day. That’s when you know they were the best choices for you.

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