Preparing Your Bathroom for Those Holiday Guests

Preparing Your Bathroom for Those Holiday Guests

With the rush of the holidays comes the rush of overnight guests. If you are hosting out of town guests than I have to ask you this important question is your bathroom ready for those extra guests? Is it inviting and relaxing or does it look more like a truck stop bathroom? If the answer is the latter than you here are some tips to make your bathroom more spa like and inviting, almost to the point they won’t want to leave.

First, stock up on travel size toiletries. Think of your house as hotel and that you want to make your guests feel as welcome as if they were actually staying at one. Having these travel size toiletries will help your guest feel welcomed and also help them just in case they forget something as everyone often does.

Make sure to put out the good towels. I know we all have towels that we can bear to throw away. You know the ones with ratty holes that are loved. But do you want your guests to use those towels? So invest in a nice set just for guests.

Make sure that you have candles and air fresheners available. You never know when an unpleasant smell may occur, if you know what I mean.

Take a hard look at your shower. Has the shower curtain seen better days? Then consider replacing it. And while you are it look at the shower head you might want to consider replacing your showerhead.


So now we are out of the shower look to the vanity and sink. Set up a tray for your guests to hold their makeup or other toiletries. Provide a cup or a holder for their toothbrushes and toothpaste. And lastly make sure that the bathroom is well lit. If you have light bulbs that are blown out now is the good time to replace them. Do you have to turn the handles of your bathroom faucets with pliers than you might want to consider replacing them.

Once you have done all of this, your bathroom will be an inviting retreat for your guest this holiday season. Do you have other tips to make your bathroom inviting?

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  1. My house may be a mess most of the time, but if there are any places in my house that are spotless – it’s my two bathrooms.

  2. We always keep our bathroom lovely and clean just in case someone calls. I recently bought new wicker storage baskets for our toiletries. Candles and air fresheners are a must for the bathroom!

  3. These are all great tips! I always say check the stainless steel- easiest way to make your bathroom sparkle!

  4. Great post, preparing for guests can be a lot of work sometimes! But it’s always enjoyable to have them around! Thanks for the tips!

  5. Having a tray for their toiletries and a cup for their tooth brush would make them feel at home. This would really help prepare the bathroom for visitors.

  6. I have a large glass container full of travel sized goodies for guests that might arrive for the holidays! But, I could use some new towels 🙂

  7. I like to provide a special scented hand soap in holiday scents for when I am having guests. It adds a festive touch people wouldn’t normally think of.

  8. Our home is very small to accommodate guests. Still, my mom makes sure that we have a very presentable and neat bathroom for our own appreciation.

  9. These are great tips for freshening up your bathroom. Changing the shower curtain can help your bathroom look fresh.

  10. I have a set of towels that I only save for guests so that they don’t get mucked up. You just reminded me I have light bulbs to change too!

  11. Thanks for the great tips. We just moved into a new place so I can’t wait to host for the holidays.

  12. I always put candles and bath salts in the guest bathroom, it looks great for decor but smells even better!

  13. I always keep my master bathroom prim & proper and totally sanitary and everything is in there that is needed. During the holidays I decorate but not overly.

  14. Those are some of the best tips I’ve read on preparing bathroom for guests. Very thoughtful post.

  15. Some people tend to neglect their bathroom – its always nice to fix and prepare it especially when you have guests arriving

  16. These are some great tips, my mother always reminds of the importance of a clean toilet and bathroom, guest judge you on the state of your bathroom and toilet.

  17. I like your tips. I do a lot of the same things and I don’t really have anything “special.” but one day I will!

  18. I love that you mention the lightning because the cleanest room in my house is the guest bathroom however I recently looked up and noticed cob webs all over the lights. So when cleaning don’t forget to look up. 😉

  19. Love these tips, especially the tip on looking at my shower curtain. It has seen better days and my bathroom decor could use an overhaul.

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