When Did Begging Become Acceptable?

when did begging

First I have no problem with Go Fund me pages but only if it is for a legitimate reason. I understand that there are some people are hit with a major medical issue and don’t have the funds to or unexpected death or even to help finance a mission trip. Those are truly the ones that are legitimate but what I have a problem with is those people who use Go Fund Me as a place to obtain money to finance their lifestyle. But it is recent years it seems like Go Fund Me and other sites like this have gone wild. Just read this article that was posted in the New York Times.

Just today I saw on Facebook that a person was asking for help with their deposit for a place to live. Not faulting that by all means, but this same person also posts several pictures of tattoos that they just got. Why didn’t they use the tattoo money for rent instead of tattoos? It seems like people like to take the easy way out of everything and want things handed to them.

Now I am not saying that there aren’t so people down on their luck, but to many people they would rather take a handout than work for the money. My girls have noticed that with a lot of their friends. Most of their friends when they turned 16 got a brand new car but not my daughters when my oldest turned 16 she got a beat up 1995 Honda Civic ( which by the way is still running) that my husband’s cousin sold us for $500. And when Mikaela, my middle daughter turned 16 she got the same car, and Maddie had moved up to another vehicle.

What are we teaching our younger generation when we hand things to them? It is showing them that they by begging they can get what they want. One Go Fund Me I saw today had this wording in it ” just trying to become adults and live on our own and have our own responsibility”. If they were attempting to become adults than they would have saved up enough money to afford a place of their own and not have to beg for money.

I am also a little upset with Kayne West saying he is $53 million in debt, but yet just recently decided to turn his swimming pool into a lake. Hello if you are in debt, you don’t spend more money. And there is a go fund me account now to get him out of debt. How crazy is that?

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So tell me have you seen the increase of younger people using go fund me to finance their lives?

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  1. I saw a go fund me type of post asking for money so her daughter could do competitive cheer. If you can’t afford the extracrilicular activities your child wants to participate in then tell them no and find something cheaper.

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