What The Walking Dead has Taught Me?


I will admit that before Gracie and I attended Comic Con in Fayetteville, I knew about the show “The Walking Dead“, but to be honest I had never watched it before then.  I couldn’t understand why I would see so many of my friends post on Facebook about the show. I would wonder what the big deal was about it? I mean seriously I just didn’t get it.


So here is my message to all my friends who didn’t know I was secretly judging you! I get it now . After meeting Adam Minarovich who played Ed. I was curious to see his character. So I watched a few episodes. And folks, I am hooked. I mean seriously how did I not know how amazing this show is?

This show has something for everyone. There is a love between a parent and a child, a man and woman, and the love of community. I love that this shows center around people who chose community over personal gain. Yes, there are some whack jobs on the show but have you ever noticed that these are the people who are only out for their own best interest.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if our country looked toward the community that the survivors built instead of looking out for #1! So here are a few things I have learned from The Walking Dead.

  1. It is better to work together as a community than to worry about ourselves.
  2. There are people in this world who once they get a little bit of power it goes straight to their head. ( Like the characters The Governor and Shane)
  3. It is better to ask for advice from people you trust before making a heavy decision. Just like Rick talks to and respects Hershel.
  4. No time is the right time to bring a child into this world, you just have to trust that God has a plan. Ex. Lori giving birth to Judith.
  5. Never lose faith. Even through all the horrible things that happened, Hershel is still seen reading the Bible. Faith can sustain you through anything.


These are just a few of the lessons I have learned from watching The Walking Dead. Tell me do you watch the show and what lessons have you taken from it?

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  1. The show is really not about the zombies; it’s about a fight for humanity. Even though last night’s show with the evil Negen killing key cast members, a lesson is to be learned. Don’t give up. Bad things happen to good people. I liked all your points too.

  2. I watched the first season of The Walking Dead, and I really like that you were able to take away so many positive lessons from a show you wouldn’t ordinarily think of as offering such lessons. It definitely makes me view this one in a different light!

    NCsquared Life

  3. I have watched a few episodes of The Walking Dead with friends who are hardcore fans, but I just couldn’t get into it. Too much gore for me to really enjoy it. It does sound like there are some really meaningful themes, though! Helps me see the appeal more. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I’ve never watched it either because I know I will have nightmares! I love how you gained so most positivity from the show.

  5. I have seen every episode from the beginning and love it. Until this past Sunday with season 7. When it gets to this kind of action in the show, I have to stop watching. But I really really really was a big fan!!!

  6. I have never seen it either and you don’t want to watch it with me: I ‘m the gal that screams when something scares me.

    And I will not be able to sleep afterwards.

  7. I forgive you for judging me and so glad you drank the kool-aid! TWD is my husband’s and I favorite show aside from GOT. We unwind on a Sunday evening and watch the show together every week.
    xo, Lee

  8. We got hooked the same way you did. We met a few cast members at the local comic con and had to check the show out. We’ve watched all the episodes now and have even seen all of Fear the Walking Dead, too!

  9. This is one of my all-time favorite shows. You’re right, there are tons of good lessons to be learned from TWD – not just how to kill zombies. 🙂

  10. I’be never watched so I appreciate your take away. Definitely not what I thought I was gonna read about the Walking Dead lol. #homemattersparty

  11. I have never watched this show, but it took me forever to get into watching the Game of Thrones and now I’m eagerly waiting for season 6. After reading what you’ve learned, I’m interested in watching this series.

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