5 Easy Ways To Make Some Extra Cash For The Family


Now that Christmas has passed, it is time to make up for all the money we spent.  Tax season will soon arrive, and the fiscal year will roll over once again.  Make a little extra cash for the family this new year and consider working a few odd jobs.  Here are a few ways to stack money quick for the family’s “rainy day” fund.

Make money on eBay

There are more ways than one to capitalize on eBay.  Most people are only aware of the ability to sell their junk, but eBay offers a “middleman” position where people can make money doing practically nothing.  Just let the money accumulate, and have a hot cocoa.

Being a “middleman” is just as it sounds.  A broad spectrum of organizations will work with eBay users to basically provide a platform to market their products.  Once a sale is made, the company will do all of the shipping, and the “middleman” takes home a percentage of the profits.

Make money renting that extra car

If possible, earn some extra cash with the car.  Companies like GetAround and Uber currently offer automobile owners the option to rent their vehicle to qualified drivers for a small fee.  If the family has an extra car, then put it to work.  It may sound a bit risky, but these companies conduct strict research on every individual client.

Become a mystery shopper

This has been an option for many years, but not it is even more simple to participate.  The internet has made the world of business monitoring quite easy for managers and service coordinators.  Becoming a mystery shopper will not pay much, but it will pay.  That should be a good enough reason to take the family for some festive feasting.

Utilize money-making mobile apps

The world of mobile applications is ridiculously huge.  For every penny dropped in the world, it can be assumed that there are two mobile apps.  Some people have made an excellent living developing these apps, but that is not our suggestion.  Get involved with money-making apps like Field Agent, Shopkick, and GigWalk.  These apps require very little of the user and pay a decent rate for the job.

Sell that fancy body

This is not that type of article!  Selling plasma can generate a little extra scratch twice a week.  Selling one’s hair is even more profitable.  The longer, the better, but a healthy head of hair can draw a pretty hefty sum.

Selling a kidney is still illegal, but selling sperm is not.  For the ladies, selling an egg can rake in thousands of dollars per viable specimen.  The baby-making game is highly profitable, it seems.

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