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Hey Folks,

I bet you think Allie is going to be writing this post. But guess what we got tired of her writing all the time so today we are taking over from Allie to write this post about pets. But this time,  the post is focused on Cats. Yea finally, we get equal time on the blog.

Tyger and Jinxy

Let us introduce ourselves we are Jinxy and Tyger, better known as the twins. Actually, we were 2 of the litter of 4 that our momma Markie had. We call ourselves the twins because we are the only two left. Our only brother went to live with our human sister, Maddie and Mia got lost one day and never came back. So that just left us, the gruesome twosome.

Wondering why we are writing today? Well,  it is to tell you about this awesome feeding station complete with personalized placemat that our human mommy made from an old nightstand.  I am a momma’s girl !! (This is Jinxy talking ) and I am a Daddy’s girl! (Yep Tyger here) Just look at what she started with.

old night stand

Doesn’t look like much right? But you will not believe the transformation. First, our mommy had to sand down the whole thing. Then daddy took off the piece that had the electrical outlet attached. It took our mommy two days to paint the thing. She had to put on several coats. And mind you this was before she added some of the cool touches.

plain nightstand

This is what it looked like painted but before all the decorations were painted on. It took our mommy and one of Gracie’s friends, Katherine all day Friday to paint the details on it. On one side, they painted pictures of all of us. That’s our real mommy, Markie, on top. That’s me Jinxy, waving Hi in the middle. And I am on the bottom. (Tyger)


Then on the other side, they painted a superhero Kitty, because let’s face it all kitties are superheroes.

super kitty

This was before the pink mask was painted on. In the middle, they put Meow and pawprints on the drawer.

Kitty Meow

We love this, our mommy keeps our treats and wet food in the drawer.

inside drawer

And the placemat and bowls were so cute. And it was so easy to make. All our mommy did was take a piece of fabric, and some scrap paper. She wrote our names on the scrap paper and then with the help of her laminator she laminated the placemat.


She even found some diamond stickers, to put on our name, that make us feel like princesses. Isn’t it adorable?

The Finished Product

Meow cat feeding station

We were a little leary of it to begin in, but once our mommy put the food in our bowls.

Markie and Jinxy

We started to chow down. Well, Tyger was a little scared but I was ready to chow down. (Jinxy here.)

Jinxy Chowing down

Because our mommy wants the best for us, she is always looking for ways to make us feel like princesses. And when she shops at our local Kroger she looks for new and improved items. And that is even true when it comes to our kitty litter. Did you know that Tidy Cat has come out with a new lightweight litter? We didn’t but our mommy found it in the pet aisle at our local Kroger. And guess what she bought some Tidy Cats® Lightweight cat litter for us to use.

Kitty litter aisle

She loves it because let’s face it she is not getting any younger and because it is lightweight it was easier for her to put in the cart and bring it home for us to use. And when she gets it at Kroger, she can grocery shop and grab items for us at the same time. How cool is that?

Tidy Cat and station

Tidy Cat has a litter for every house and for every cat. Just check out all the varieties here. And  what is even better is that there is a coupon to help you save, which equals more treats for us.

Tidy Cat
So why, wait? Listen to  a couple of princesses and get this awesome smelling litter. Hurry and grab your coupon here.


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  1. I’ve seen a lot of cabinets turned into beds, but this feeding station is a new idea to me. I really think this is genius for storage and decoration. #client

  2. Such a cute cat feeding station! Love the painting on the side! Thanks for sharing & hosting #HomeMattersParty

  3. Awww, that is just adorable! Great job with the painting. My kitty would have loved having her own feeding station. (We had her for 18 years and still miss her…) The “twins” wrote a very nice post! #HomeMattersParty

  4. Oh, my gosh! I have that exact nightstand! What a cute idea for a feeding station. It turned out really cute, And Jinxy and Tyger are adorable. 🙂 Thank you for Hosting with us at #HomeMattersParty

    Life With Lorelai

  5. I love the feeding station what a unique station. Your cats are too cute! My step-daughter loves cats, we are more dog people but I can’t way to show her this post. I know she’ll love your cats and the feeding station! #HomeMattersParty

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