ComicCon Where Memories Are Made

I received two tickets to ComicCon. However, the fun we had was all our own.


I am the type of mom that wants her children to have experiences they will remember for years to come. Lately, it seems that we are so busy with Mikaela’s travel soccer team, that somehow Gracie always has to tag along. Luckily she is friends with one of the player’s sisters so she does get to hang out with her during the game. But I am always looking for things to do with her.

Gracie is hard to describe. She is definitely not like her older sisters. She is unique. She even has a unique sense of style. And she is also every talented when it comes to makeup. Check out her makeup for Halloween.


She is also the head of the drama club at her high school and she is only a freshman. She wants to be a screenwriter or a director one day. So with all this in mind, when I was offered two tickets to Fayetteville’s ComicCon, I jumped at the chance.

This was right up Gracie’s alley. I will admit that we almost didn’t go because of Hurricane Matthew. Most of the roads had been closed up until that weekend. But Sunday morning, I posted on Facebook asking all my Fayetteville peeps about the road conditions. They said yes the roads we would have to take were clear.


So off we went our adventure. We arrived at the Crown Coliseum and decided to walk around for a little bit. Gracie said that one of her favorite things about the day was seeing all the people (young and old) and some were dressed up.


Of course, there was also a ton of booths for shopping. She actually got some of her sisters’ Christmas presents there.



Meeting Celebrities

One of her favorite exhibits was where Tugg, a bull terrier. was on display. Tugg is a real life superhero. He was found staked to the side of the road with a serious case of mange and was given very little hope to live.


He was adopted by two of the animal control officers who found him. By the grace of God and the faith of his new owners, he made it. You can read more about Tugg here.


Tugg has become the star of a comic book series called Tugg A Hero Among Us. Part of the proceeds from his comics go to help rescue shelters. How amazing is that?

After seeing Tugg, we walked around some more. Gracie wanted to get a picture with someone from The Walking Dead. I will admit that I had never seen the show before that Sunday afternoon. (But I have now.) She walked back and forth in front of the booth – really nervous, not sure of what to say or do. Finally, she walked up to the table and starting talking. The actor was Adam Minarovich . He played Ed, Carol’s abusive husband in the first season of The Walking Dead. He was so sweet and talked to Gracie. He offered to take a picture with her. Check out that smile on my baby girl’s face.


That smile says it all. I am just so glad that I could give this experience to my daughter. Making memories that we will cherish forever.

So tell me how do you make memories with your kids?

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  1. This sounds like a really cool experience. I’ve never been much into Comic Con but I would totally go if I were given free tickets. Your kids sound like really good kids, too! I’m glad you had a good time making some awesome memories with your kids!

    NCsquared Life

  2. I love that you found the perfect thing to do with your daughter! My daughter is three and loves to play at the library and the science museum, so we do lots of that. 🙂

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