Can Your Dog Drink Coffee?

Can Your Dog Drink Coffee from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

The elixir of life, coffee has been making our lives energetic for a few centuries now. And side by side, the companionship of humans and dogs has been exhibiting a special bond between a human and an animal. We all know, we have, at some point in our lives shared our food with our lovely four-legged furry friends. Well, have you ever thought of sharing your magical drink with your pooch and let them feel the java jolt?

Sharing food and eating from the same plate is a blissful experience and our companionship makes us share everything with our canine buddy. Wait, we all have heard not all the human foods are safe and healthy for dogs, for example, onions and garlic. But what about coffee? Giant coffee shops like Starbucks have coffee drinks for dogs. And there’s no way they would risk their reputation, and market value by feeding something toxic to our doggies.

So what are they hiding from us? Or is it okay to let your dog sip coffee from your mug? Let’s unravel the mystery and clear the fog.

Is Coffee Healthy for Your Fido?

A big No-No to coffee. Coffee is toxic for canines and can make him sick badly. We see coffee as a beverage but it actually is a stimulant drink that contains caffeine. Dogs are quite less tolerant to caffeine and it makes them feel sick even if they ingest coffee in a little amount.

Here are some of the common signs of poisoning effects of coffee.

  • Tremors
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Increased heart rate

If he has ingested coffee or, in a bigger picture, caffeine, he might get seizures and even difficulty in breathing. That makes all the other substances like tea, cocoa, guarana culprits for containing caffeine.

So definitely, coffee isn’t healthy for your furry four-legged friend and in general, all the caffeine drinks are poisonous for them. As healthline reports, the minimum amount of caffeine at which death was reported was less than 2.2 mg per pound of a dog’s body weight.

That said, many people believe coffee to be a lethal drink for doggies.

What Do Starbucks and Other Cafès Provide As Drinks?

Starbucks’ Secret menu has a drink called ‘puppuccino’ which is the only dog-friendly drink available at Starbucks. It’s basically a whipped cream which every dog loves to have. A video of a police dog devouring puppuccino surfaced on the internet the other day. However, your nearby cafè may be having a dog-friendly drink on a menu which never will have caffeine. So it’s safe to let your pooch devour this dessert drink after having his favorite canned food.


Sharing everything precious to you with your dog is certainly nice but that never should go wrong and harm your four-legged furry buddy. Big coffee shops and coffee bars sell caffeine-free-dog-friendly drinks which do not contain caffeine at all. That said, you should never feed them any caffeinated drinks at home believing that it is safe to feed them coffee drinks. Spread the word among your friends and families about the harmful effects of caffeinated drinks to pets. Seek a vet’s help immediately if your pooch ingested chocolate, coffee, or any caffeine-containing food.

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