Allie’s Talking About Pet Adoption

My mommy was provided some really cool products in exchange for me writing this post. 

Hey folks,

Allie here! I want to talk to you about a really important issue today. That is pet adoption, although our family has officially adopted Markie and her kittens, let me tell you I wasn’t none to happy about it but secretly I loved it! Finally someone else to boss around but unfortunately it was the other way around. Ever heard of a dog afraid of cats? Yep that’s me, Allie! But seriously folks there are things you need to consider when adopting a pet.

  1. Do you have time for a pet in your life?
  2. Can you afford it? (and I am not talking about just buying it, but the cost in the long run)
  3. Do you have everything you need for your pet? Not sure what you need just look at this list.

dog toys

  • Crate (kennel- yea I got away without having one)
  • Comfortable bedding- my mom got me this really cool bed, but they have to trick me into using it.

Allie comforter

  • A collar and a leash- the cats keep losing theirs- stupid cats
  • Brush and nail clippers- although I love to get my hair brushed(who doesn’t) but stay away from my nails.
  • Water and food bowls- us furbabies have to eat too. Right I am sitting outside watching those cats eat- they get feed more than me- spoiled rotten.
  • Toys- we all love toys-well that is  except for tutu she hasn’t figured out what to do with hers yet.

All this stuff is great but I would also like to stress that getting a pet should not be taken lightly. It is a lifelong commitment to one to be taken as a joke. Just look how long it took my family to get me and that was 4 years ago. So think long and hard before you get a pet aka furbaby because we all need love and good homes.

Until next time.



I just became an aunt again. As my big sissy, Maddie just adopted another cat. She already has Myelin aka Julio ( the orange tabby). Now she has Helix.


So Pet adoption runs in our family.

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  1. Pet adoption is so important!! Our last dog K.C. was from the pound and we had her from a puppy until 18.5 years old….loved that Rott/Shep/Lab mix!! Now we have Buddy, who was saved from a puppy mill and is about 7 now. Love giving an animal a new home and not supporting the people who just breed them the wrong way. #HomeMattersParty

  2. Adopted pets are the best. I completely agree, you need to be prepared for the long term commitment and expenses, adopt responsibly. #HomeMattersParty

  3. Taking on a pet is a huge decision and even knowing that, I don’t think you can be totally prepared or predict how it will affect your life/family until you take them home with you.
    Here’s to another weekend of #HomeMattersParty fun!

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