Things To Do In Vegas As A Family

Things To Do In Vegas As A Family from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

How you approach a vacation in Las Vegas when you’re young, free and single is probably very different to how you’d approach the same vacation if you’re in a committed relationship. That approach will change yet again if you’re considering Vegas as a vacation destination when you have a young family. After all, Vegas is known to the entire world as the ultimate adult playground. It’s called Sin City for a reason, and the nickname alone implies that it might not be the greatest place to bring children. 

Perhaps because of that, Vegas doesn’t get as much of a look in as it should when it comes to family vacation planning. If you ignore some of the more adult-orientated aspects of the city, it actually provides for families with children very well, and the people who run the child-friendly attractions would love you to come and spend some time with them. It’s all about knowing what your options are, and so we hope to give you a range of those options in this article. 

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Without any further ado, here’s the lowdown on the best of the family attractions you can find in Las Vegas. 

Adventuredome Theme Park

If you’ve been to Vegas before but find yourself struggling to place the ‘Adventuredome’ name, this is the theme park that was once known as Grand Slam Canyon. You won’t miss it – it’s right behind a giant circus, and it’s underneath a huge pink dome. Adventuredome is open all year long and prides itself on offering a range of rides for both adults and children. That means gentle thrills for little ones and real white knuckle roller-coaster experiences for the bravest of the grown-ups! There’s more on offer at Adventuredome than just the rides, though; this is a place that tries to cater to all your entertainment whims. A 4D movie theater and a mini-golf course are also available, and there’s no entrance fee to get into the park at all. You only have to pay for the features you use – although you might find it cheaper to pay for a day pass if you’re planning to go on multiple rides. 

Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay

You won’t find much enthralling entertainment in Vegas for under twenty dollars per person, but there’s an exception to every rule. The Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay makes that exception for Las Vegas. This attraction, which is very highly thought of by Lonely Planet, might represent the only place in the world where it’s possible to be totally surrounded by sharks, and yet completely safe at the same time. There are more than 100 sharks to look at, split across fifteen different exhibits, but there are also piranhas and crocodiles to be scared of as well! The touch pool is particularly popular with younger visitors, where they can make friends with sea turtles. 

The Eiffel Tower Experience

Things To Do In Vegas As A Family from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

You don’t have to travel to Europe to see the Eiffel Tower – there’s a completely accurate scale model of it in Las Vegas, and it’s yours to explore. This attraction, which belongs to the Paris Las Vegas Hotel, is a great way to blend adult and family entertainment together – there’s also a casino right next to it. Even though it’s only half the size of the tower you’ll find in Paris, it still offers a stunning view of Vegas, which looks especially beautiful at night when all the lights of the strip are turned on. The observation deck is 460 feet high, and the elevator that takes you there is glass on all sides. The landscape around Vegas is something that the area doesn’t get enough credit there, and once you’re at the top, you’ll have a spectacular view of the canyons. 

Madame Tussauds

You never know who you’re going to bump into in Las Vegas. The rich and famous often call upon the city seeking entertainment of their own, but sadly we don’t know their schedules. You may see a handful of celebrities, a whole gang of them, or none at all. There is a way you can guarantee that you’ll see some famous faces, though – you can call in at Madame Tussauds! There are many Madame Tussauds waxwork attractions all over the world, but the one in Las Vegas is particularly large and has a reputation for hosting some of the best-looking and most accurate waxwork representations of global stars. Each room inside the building has a theme, so you’ll find stars of stage, screen, sports, and politics waiting to meet you for a photo opportunity. 

Marvel Avengers STATION

There may not be a more popular entertainment property in the world right now than Marvel’s Avengers. The superheroes that belong to the Marvel universe have just completed one of the most successful series of movies in cinematic history, and they’re a huge hit with children. If you have kids of your own, you probably know that already – we imagine you’ve been dragged to at least a few of the movies along with them! The Marvel Avengers STATION in Vegas is a chance for you and your whole family to train to become a superhero and join SHIELD, complete with a whole host of interactive games and appearances from the heroes that made the films such a success. For young children, this might be their favorite part of your whole vacation. 

We don’t claim to have listed everything that Vegas has to offer to families here; there’s a whole lot more, but this is enough to get you started. Hopefully, it’s made you think again about the suitability of Vegas as a family resort and opened you up to the idea of paying it a visit. If you do, we hope both you and your family have a fantastic time!

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