Affordable Day Trip Ideas For Moms Who Need A Break

Affordable Day Trip Ideas For Moms Who Need A Break from NC Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

You wouldn’t trade your role as a mom for anything, but sometimes you need a break. Your days are consumed with tasks and responsibilities to ensure your kids’ happiness and well-being, leaving little time for yourself. Truthfully, the only time you get a break is when you’re asleep. So, when the opportunity presents itself to spend some time alone, you want to take full advantage. Taking a day trip is the perfect way to get away from mom duties for a while. If you’re not sure what to do all day, here are some affordable day trip ideas to consider. 

Head To The Mall

When is the last time you went shopping without having to worry about the kids? Now that you have the day off spend it at the mall. There’s no chasing your children around stores or between clothing wracks, no listening to them beg for everything they see, and you can take your time shopping. You can buy some new clothes or simply walk around and treat yourself to lunch at the food court. 

Get Pampered

There’s nothing like a day at the spa to make you feel good. Locate a spa in your neighborhood and schedule an appointment for some pampering. You can get a facial, a 30-minute massage, or splurge and get the complete package. Some spas even have nail technicians on site so you can get a manicure and pedicure before you leave. 

Hit The Casino

If you’re looking for a fun nighttime activity that’s fun and exciting, why not head to the casino? You can find casino promotions online for discounts on your favorite activities and attractions. Spend the day at the slot machines, playing card games, or watching a live event like a music concert or comedy show. Some casinos are so large they have restaurants and retail stores on the premises that you can visit. 

A Beach Day

A trip to the beach with your kids isn’t too relaxing. You have to constantly monitor them as they play in the sand and water. There’s little time to bask in the sun and get a tan or participate in water sports like surfing and paddleboarding. Now that you’re flying solo, you have the opportunity to enjoy the beach. Pack yourself a lunch, grab a chair, towel, and umbrella, and head to the shore for some fun in the sun. When you’re done on the beach, you can venture to the boardwalk to explore restaurants, arcades, and retail shops. 

City Tours

You don’t have to travel far to enjoy a solo day trip. You can find a ton of things to do in your town. For example, city tours are a lot of fun. You can walk, ride bikes, or hop on a bus and travel to historical and cultural sites in the city. A tour guide will provide you with a wealth of information that you can take back and share with your kids. 

Visit A Winery

Wine lovers might enjoy spending the day at a winery. You can take in the beautiful sites, taste some of the finest wines in the area, and relax. Some wineries give tours and offer classes that are educational and fun. You can learn how to pair wines with cheeses or meals to enhance your hosting skills. It’s also great to congregate with like-minded adults and discuss things that interest you, like wine, food, and travel. 
Motherhood is the most rewarding yet challenging experience in the world. Ensuring that your kids live the best life possible comes with so many roles and responsibilities. Although it comes with the territory, sometimes you need to step back and take a break. Ask your partner, parents, relatives, or friends to watch the kids and plan a day trip. Whether you spend two or twelve hours alone doing activities such as those described above, you’ll come home feeling like a new person.

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