Trying New Experience Go Fishing When Travelling To Costa Rica

The holidays are fast approaching, and you have no idea where to go. You want to be able to fish or learn how to fish during your vacation. So, where can you go? Costa Rica has risen through the ranks over the years to be among the top fishing destinations in the world.

If you are looking for the ultimate fishing expedition, then, this is the place to be. It has extensive wetlands, several rivers and not forgetting its two extensive coastlines. As an angler or soon-to-be one, you will never run out of places to fish.

fishing in costa rica

You can choose to fish inshore when you travel to the South Pacific rain forest or Guanacaste dry tropical fishing. There are also several ideal spots for offshore fishing. It means that you can fish almost everywhere and at any time.

It is your time to learn the basics of fishing at night, starting from fishing near an area with lighting to using baits that are noisy. You can choose to go it alone or use a tour company during your stay in Costa Rica. Many of the tour companies offer half or full day excursions.

Rules and Regulations of Fishing in Costa Rica

As is every fishing destination, Costa Rica has standards and regulations that govern the fishing practices in the area.

1. Catch and Release 

You may not want to catch fish and put them on your dinner table but would love to do some fishing. Worry not! In Costa Rica, some variety of fish is for catch and release. The term means that you can grab the fish, but you have to release them back into the water.

The fish that belong to the catch and release criteria include:

  • Bill fish-Costa Rica is one of the best destinations for this fish
  • Roosterfish-As per the government regulations, roosterfish are for catch and release
  • Marlin & Sailfish. Marlin is one of the largest fish in the world. The have an average length of 11 feet and weight of 200-400 pounds. Yes, that is a massive fish. Costa Rica is popular for this striking blue beauties.

Sailfish is almost similar to Marlin, but they are a little bit smaller. They both have great speed and are famed for the breathtaking acrobatic leaps that they make, from the water.

Every other non-edible fish is for catch and release. For catch and release, you will need to use the safer circle hooks. Several resorts specialize in catch and release, such as the Crocodile Bay Sportfishing Resort.

2. Do You Need To Have a Fishing License?

Yes, you need to have a fishing license before you fish anywhere in Costa Rica. They go for around $ 15. Sometimes you can purchase the fishing license on the site, or it may be included in your fishing charter.

In other places, you may be able to get a 7-day fishing license that goes for around $50.

3. Do I have to Bring My Fishing Gear?

Costa Rica is a well-known fishing destination, especially for sports fishing. There is surely an abundance of fishing gear that you can choose from and pick. If you prefer using your equipment, then, nothing will stop you from carrying your own.

If you don’t want to tire yourself with a lot of luggage, then you will have plenty of options to choose from and make your pick.

Types Of Fishing

types of fishing costa rica

Costa Rica has many places where you can fish, be it offshore or inshore. Several resorts also have areas where you can practice or even learn fishing from the local experts. You can catch many of the fish in your fishing book.

Be it mackerels, to make a tasty Sushi, Tuna, Tarpon, Grouper, Snapper or even Snook. What types of fishing are available to you?

  • Inshore Fishing

This fishing is easy and very affordable. It is done close to the shoreline. You will be able to catch grouper, Corvina, mackerel, etc. These fish have aggressive feeding habit and are small. They are, therefore, easily found along the coastline.

For a novice angler, this is the place to start before going offshore fishing. You are sure to get more action with inshore fishing.

  • Offshore Fishing

Are you tired of catching small fish and you want to go for a bigger game? Well, you should try offshore fishing. You can practice traditional trolling for billfish or go for the “bigger and better” marlin or sailfish.

On a great day, you could catch dozens of them at 10-20 miles from the shore.


Fishing in Costa Rica is an assured exhilarating experience filled with fun and excitement. You can practice inshore or offshore fishing.

There is something for every angler. You will be able to catch many of the fish in your fishing book, say marlin, tuna, mackerel, you name it. Vacation time is approaching make your best pick of the ideal place for your holiday, this season.

Go, get an enlightening fishing experience.

Author Bio:

  I’m Lisa. I have a strong understanding and passion for all things related to fishing. When  I am not out wetting a line, I am sharing a range of tips and tricks on Fall For Fishing  – to help others to snag their big catch!


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