Gap Year Jobs the Whole Family can Get Involved In

Gap Year Jobs the Whole Family can Get Involved In from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

If you are a high school graduate, taking a gap year job is a great opportunity to travel abroad and earn some money as you figure out your next move. There are numerous jobs abroad that you can choose from regardless of your skills and interest. 

Besides, taking a gap year job can be a remarkable opportunity to boost your CV. Here are some gap year jobs that you and your whole family can do.

1.Camp America

If you are looking for a gap year job to do during summer, Camp America would be a great option. Camp America gives you the opportunity to teach children different activities such as sports, water sports, dance, and music. 

Whatever your skill, you can get a role that will help you work at different summer camps. You will also get to spend your summer working as a camp counselor, learning new skills and making new friends. 

Impressively, you will get paid as you do the activities that you love. Plus, you can bring along your family to volunteer at the camp so that they can use their skills and talents to cater to the campers. 

2. Ski Chalet in France

Are you looking for a gap year job that will take you across the globe and in top ski destinations? Well, consider finding a ski chalet job in France. France is a top skiing destination and has the best ski resorts in the world. 

This is a perfect gap year job for those who have experience in the hospitality or catering industry, are hardworking and adventurous. There are numerous job vacancies for ski chalet’s including being chalet girl, chef, host, and manager. 

As a ski chalet, your role will be to prepare meals for the guest, clean the chalet, interacting with guests, and general customer service. A typical schedule will run for 5 days a week while others go for 6 days depending on the company’s policy.

Working as a ski chalet in France is a great way to further your career in the field of hospitality and earn some money weekly. You will also get to grow your skill, meet new people and take adventures skiing in various destinations like the Courchevel.  

If you are not an experienced skier, you can take advantage of all the time during the day to ski. Your family can mix visiting you on a family ski holiday. 

3. Travel Blog in India

Being among the seven largest countries worldwide, there is a lot that you and your family can do in India. India is also a great travel destination to spend your gap year and make money. It has a rich and unique history, so take time to explore the beautiful scenery, visit famous landmarks, explore local festivals like the Holi and learn a new skill. 

As you do all this, you can document your travel experiences in a travel blog. You can even earn some money with your travel blog, interesting, right? Make the most of your time exploring various destinations with your family and capture the essence of India in a travel blog.

4. Volunteer to Save Turtles in Costa Rica

If you are a nature lover, then you can visit Costa Rica and volunteer to work in one of the many sea turtles saving organizations. Sea turtle conservation is big in Costa Rica since sea turtles worldwide are threatened by extinction due to the destruction of nesting beaches, poaching, and overfishing. 

If you volunteer with sea turtles, you will be supporting and saving their population in Costa Rica. Yours will be to patrol the beach, collect data, guard eggs against potential poachers, release back baby sea turtles to the ocean and provide care for injured turtles. 

Better yet, your inner cycle can take a family volunteering trip with you and create some amazing family shared experiences. They can visit beautiful Costa Rica’s beaches, hotels and enjoy the magnificent rainforest. While enjoying their vacation, they can head off to the beach and help you conserve adult and baby sea turtles, luxury and ethics. 

Explore the world and learn a new skill with the above gap year jobs. While some are volunteer jobs, others are paying and can help you become independent. In addition, you can invite your family to do these jobs with you even as they explore the world.

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