Educational and Exciting Things to do In London

Educational and Exciting Things to do In London from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

London is one of those cities that can feel like you’re stepping back in time a little. It’s a real mix of the old and new and there’s no place quite like it. London might seem small compared to some places but it’s much bigger than many people think.

There are plenty of tours in London but if you are looking for something a little more exciting as well as educational then you can do a lot better than your standard tour! So, let me share my top tips for educational and exciting things to do in jolly old London.

Jack the Ripper Tours 

Jack the Ripper tours are very popular in London and why not it’s one of the world’s most famous mysteries. There are endless theories from Prince Albert to the, in my opinion, more grounded Aaron Kosminski – read more information about him here

And while a Jack the Ripper tour is unlikely to make an answer any clearer, they will still be a great way to learn more about this darker part of London’s history. There are many different Jack the Ripper style London tours, and some might be a little more adult-oriented than others.

Some will be more geared towards families so if you are looking to visit London with children and are interested in a Jack the Ripper tour make sure it’s suitable. Educational and theatrical a Jack the Ripper tour is a great way to learn more about London’s dark history.

Visit the British Museum 

The number of tours in London are only rivaled by the number of museums you can visit! There are so many that knowing which exactly to visit isn’t always easy, but I would have to recommend the British Museum. 

It’s one of the oldest museums in the world and houses over 8 million different pieces. There are numerous different exhibitions to see as well. Educational and entertaining the British Museum is a must-see.

The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Playground

With a huge sandpit and pirate ship, young children will love visiting the Princess of Wales Memorial Playground. It is the perfect place for families to relax during the mid-day and offers some excellent educational value as well. As you can use a visit to the park to learn more about Princess Diana and her legacy as well.

Visit Hyde Park 

Educational and Exciting Things to do In London from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Another park you need to visit is the wondrous Hyde Park. This historic park as seen plenty of London’s famous events, so it is worth seeing for the educational value alone. But there is always something exciting happening at Hyde Park from concerts to children’s events and much more.

Speaker’s corner is well worth seeing while you’re there as well. Speaker’s corner is a historic site for public speeches, debates and much more. You never know what you’ll hear and learn when paying a visit to Hyde Park.

The National Gallery 

A visit to the National Gallery is a great way to learn more about London’s art history. But you’ll find plenty of examples of magnificent art from all around the world. If you have young children, then visiting on a Sunday is recommended because there are free storytime events you can go to.

The London Zoo 

There are over 800 different species to see at the London Zoo, so it is well worth visiting. There are also numerous events for young children and families which will be sure to be entertaining and educational for everyone. After all, what child doesn’t enjoy a trip to the zoo?

So, those are my choices for fun and educational things to when visiting London. Tours in London are a great start but with a little though there are plenty of more interactive and entertaining ways to see the city.

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