Holiday Like a Pro: Tips on Heading Abroad without Breaking the Bank

Holiday Like a Pro Tips on Heading Abroad without Breaking the Bank from North Carolina Lifestyle blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

We all know that heading abroad on holiday isn’t cheap, and it seems to be getting more and more expensive every year! But just because the cost of a holiday is on the up, it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy that well-earned break. After all, you deserve it! So, sit back, imagine your sipping a holiday cocktail and find out how you can head abroad this year without breaking the bank!

Remember, before you jet off abroad you should always consider taking out travel insurance. If you’re unsure of where to begin, then check out UHC’s new Travel Tips Blog for the latest information! Now, let’s get back to saving some money.


Yes, it seems odd to put the brakes on this so soon, but patience is a virtue particularly in the holiday industry. If you’re flexible enough to be able to wait until the last minute to book a room or book a whole holiday, then you should do so. Remember, empty rooms and empty airline seats always go a hugely discounted price. So be patient and hold off until the last minute. You could shave hundreds off your holiday budget!

Indirect flights

Yes, I know that most people just want to get on the plane and head straight to the beach – it’s perfectly understandable. But if you’re really hoping to save some cash then consider an indirect flight home. Hanging around the departure lounge gets old pretty quickly, but you could save a bundle if you’re heading home from Alicante and stop off somewhere in Europe on the way home first.

Choose your dates wisely

It always seems unfair that the cost of things rockets during the summer months, particularly when the kids are out of school, but if you can avoid traveling in these months then try to choose wisely. You may find that the last week in August and the first week of September are usually cheaper dates to fly then the rest of the summer holidays.


If you’ve traveled with an airline before then you’ll know how expensive a few sandwiches and drinks can be. Avoid dipping into your holiday fund before you even land by making sure you have packed enough snacks and drinks to cover the entire flight. Remember, you’ll need to buy your drinks in the departure lounge as you can’t take liquids through security.

Hotel meals

Hotel food can be on the pricey side, especially if you’re feeding yourself, your partner and the children too. Instead of eating in the restaurant, head out to a nearby café or market to see what’s on offer. Of course, if meals are included in your holiday then indulge yourself!

Beer and wine

Now have I got your attention? If you’re hoping to have a glass with your meal then ask for local wines, they’re usually cheaper and will give you a real taste of the local area. As for beer, always opt for beer or tap. Draught beer is exceptionally cheaper than bottled beers!

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