Must-Know Tips for a Less Stressful Family Vacation

Must-Know Tips for a Less Stressful Family Vacation

Everyone deserves a vacay after the last year and a half. Once COVID-19 numbers drop down again, my family and I plan on taking a memorable trip. Yet, y’all better believe I had a talk with them about keeping things peaceful when we go. I don’t want to hear room sharing complaints or disliking where we go for dinner. Luckily, a friend of mine shared some tips for a less stressful family vacation with me. Now I want to bestow the advice upon y’all.

Plan Everything

Y’all are asking for disaster if you don’t plan out your trip. My friend told me to plan everything down to the tiniest detail, so there’s no room for arguing. So I’ll make sure everyone’s bags are packed and have the essentials they need. Once we arrive at our destination, I’ll make sure everyone knows where we’re going so no one gets lost. Additionally, my girlfriend told me that renting a multi-passenger van was a godsend. I definitely don’t want to hear groans about waiting for vehicles to arrive. A multi-passenger van will dissipate these worries.

Do Something for Everyone

Another tip for a less stressful family vacation is to do something everyone likes. Often when my family fights on a trip, it’s because one person doesn’t want to do the scheduled activity. My friend brilliantly told me the best way to avoid these tantrums is to ensure everyone has something they like on the itinerary. Scuba diving, parasailing, and tubing on the water should cater to everyone’s interests.

Safety Game Plan

Y’all can never be too safe when you’re away from home. My motto is that it’s better to be prepared for the worst and hope for the best than for something tragic to happen. For this reason, I try to run every scenario through my head before we go on our trip. I make sure to pack a first aid kit and masks to protect my family. Packing safety gear puts my mind at ease, so I can enjoy what’s going on around me.

I can’t wait to go on another family vacay, y’all. This past year and a half have been stressful; we all deserve a break. I know if I follow the advice in this piece, everyone will have a great time, and we can make new memories.

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