5 Rookie Mistakes Every First Time Visitors Make in Las Vegas

5 Rookie Mistakes Every First Time Visitors Make in Las Vegas from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Las Vegas is as magnificent as seen in movies like Ocean’s 11 or Hangover, but it should be mistaken as any other random place travelers visit. You can easily be blinded by all the extravagance and fall prey to some common mistakes that every first-time traveler makes. 

Whether it’s not booking the hotels in advance or walking along the East of the Strip thinking everything is within walking distance, here are five common mistakes that every rookie traveler makes while visiting Las Vegas for the first time. 

Not hiring a cab

You must have seen beautiful cinematic shots of Vegas in numerous movies showing different places within a few seconds. It is okay to think that every casino, hotel, and restaurant in Vegas is right beside each other, but in reality, they are too far away. 

The famous Las Vegas Strip is 4.225 miles long and has popular casino hotels, celebrity chef restaurants, event halls on both sides of the Strip. Walking everywhere alone wouldn’t make sense, and you’ll be exhausted within an hour. Not hiring a cab can be a big mistake in Vegas.

Hiring a taxi from the airport

It may sound contradictory to the previous point, but hiring a taxi from the airport might not make sense. Airport taxis in Vegas are notorious for long hauling, where they intentionally take the longer route to take you to the destination. It can skyrocket your taxi fare in no time. 

That is why you should avoid getting in a taxi queue at the airport and look for ride-sharing cabs to go anywhere in Vegas. You’ll be shocked to see the difference in taxi fare.

Not exploring the whole thing

It may not be wise to stick to one casino hotel and spend your entire trip there itself. Las Vegas has many beautiful things to see. With the luxury and better accessibility to casinos on the East of the Strip or the prominent neon glazed extravagance of the west of the Strip, Vegas never fails to mesmerize you. 

Be open to new adventures and explore the places, food, and sheer beauty Vegas has to offer.

Falling prey to higher resort fees

Almost every hotel and resort on the Strip can be expensive in the peak season. So, it would be best to do good research before booking your hotel in Vegas, whether it is in the East of the Strip or the West. 

Booking your hotel online will allow you to compare the rates, narrow down your searches according to your location preferences, and even get good discount deals if you look carefully. 

You will also see many not-so-popular hotels that offer the same service as popular ones at a much lower price. Booking a Vegas hotel online will save you tons of money, and you can truly enjoy your trip to Vegas.

Staying too long

Day drinking and late nights at the casinos can take a toll on your health. You might need a day or two to shake off all the Vegas fever once you return home. Staying too long in Vegas might end up ruining your Vegas experience. Find the sweet spot of 3 to 4 days to stay in Vegas, so you can explore the city without growing bored of it.

Vegas is one of the mind-blowing destinations that can leave you amazed. Remember to plan your trip ahead of time, and make hotel reservations in advance to save as much money as possible, and give yourself a relaxing Vegas experience.

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