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This post has been compensated. However, the subject matter is something I feel very strongly about, I want to live a long life and so does my mommy.

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Allie here again. I want to talk to or bark at you today about something important. That is fitness aka exercise and your fur babies.The other day, my mommy and I attended a video conference with other mommies of fur babies hosted by Purina.

attending Purina Conference about pets and fitness
Here I am hard at work.

In the conference, we got to listen to Dr. Kurt Venator- a veterinArian at Purina.  What was also cool is that we were able to ask him questions as well.

screenshot of Dr. Kurt and Purina Furmommies

The one thing I didn’t like that Dr. Venator said is that treats should only make up 10% of our daily caloric intake. Why didn’t I like this, you ask? Because I love my treats – french fries, dog treats or treats period. (Oh who am I kidding, food in general!) Did I mention that I am great at begging? I mean just look at my big brown eyes

Allie and big brown eyes Purina fitness pets

Would you deny me food?

Dr. Venator also said that furbabies like me, (smaller ones) should have 30 minutes of activity every day. That’s great because I love running around the yard and I can even play soccer with my sissies. For bigger fur babies, like my big sister Tutu,  they need 30 minutes of rigorous exercise.

Tutu exercise Purina pets and fitness

Now for the other species of fur babies- the cats, Markie, Jinxy and Tyger, Dr. Venator said they should get 20 minutes of play a day.

One piece of advice that I thought was helpful was the idea of rotating toys on a daily basis. Even though, I would never rotate Bun Bun but my other toys yes!

Here are some other great ideas for you if you want to start an exercise and fitness plan for your furbaby.

  • Meet with your vet before coming up with a plan on your own. They can address any medical conditions of your furbaby. As well help you personalize it just for them. Plus with cats, you don’t want them to lose weight too fast. Here is a funny story. My sister, Mikaela, prayed to God for a Jeep or a cat. And one day Markie, the cat that started all of the kittens at our house, showed up as a stray. Mikaela claimed her as her own. But she still says she should have just prayed for the jeep.
  • Control the amount of food your furbabies eat. That means not a lot of table scraps and to practice portion control. The best advice Dr. Venator gave was to give treats when you are engaged with your furbabies.
  • And the last thing is to work out  a plan that your furbabies get the right amount of exercise for them.(30 minutes  a day for dogs and 20 minutes a day for cats.)

The last thing I want to touch on is how owning a furbaby can make a positive impact on your life. Studies have shown that adolescents who have pets feel more connected to their community. And I know that for a fact, when my family adopted me, my sister, Gracie, was having terrible issues with her stomach ( she suffered from IBS) and she missed a lot of school because of it. But when my family adopted me toward the end of 4th grade, Gracie’s health took a huge upswing.

Pets and Health and Fitness Purina

The same can be said about my other sister, Mikaela, who just recently got out her wisdom teeth removed. I haven’t left her side since she had her surgery. I am an awesome nurse. And the last example, I want to give to you was when my Grampie was dying in hospice care, I went to visit. Before I visited, he was anxious and aggravated and but when I came into the room he was calm and allowed me to lay down on the bed with him. I still miss my Grampie.
So you see make sure your furbabies get the right amount of exercise and the proper nutrition like found in foods made by Purina, can not only improve your furbabies lives as well as your own. For more information about pets and fitness check out


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  1. Adorable! I liked the tips with exercise and the 10% with the snack intake. Thank you;)

  2. They do offer so much comfort, don’t they?! Kinda sounds like tips for us humans too-minimum treats and daily exercise! (I LOVE the treats, though!!)

  3. Awwww yes, furbabies are the best! ?? And when you’ve got a furbaby that is a good nurse it’s so heartwarming. When my dad had heart surgery a couple years ago and stayed with me Ryder was very attentive and stayed by his side the whole time. Such a sweetie. Or he was just waiting for my dad to drop food. One of those two.

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