Sometimes #PeeHappens What Do You Do?

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Missed my alarm clock ringing, Woke up telephone screaming. Boss man singing his same old song.Rolled in late about an hour. No cup of coffee, no shower. Walk of shame with two different shoes on. Now it is poor me, why me, oh me. Boring the same old worn out blah blah story. There’s no good explanation for it at all. Ain’t no rhyme or reason. No complicated meaning. Ain’t no need to over think it. Let go laughing. Life don’t go quite like you planned it. We try so hard to understand it. Irrefutable, indisputable. Fact is pssh. It happens.
These are the opening lyrics of a Sugarland song called It Happens. Do you know what It is? Well if you have ever been stuck in traffic, working out in a gym, out to dinner with friends, or just sitting down watching television. You laugh, sneeze, cough, or all of the above and suddenly you feel a trickle. Yep It Happens #PeeHappens.
It is that uninvited guest that comes at the worse time. Since having my girls, if my bladder has just a little bit of pee in it- it will come out when I laugh, cough or sneeze or all of the above. I laugh about it because short of going back in time to do something about it- I am stuck.
 But that does not mean you can’t have fun with it as well. Always has come out with a new product called Always Discreet. That are just that Discreet and comfortable. Although I don’t wear them during the day, they come in handy at night. Because I am a very restless sleeper- I toss and turn all night. I know too much information right? But Always Discreet is great to have on hand during this time. No more hastily rushing to wash the sheets. Now I can sleep peacefully or as peaceful as I can with the way I sleep. I wish I had these back last August when I had my shoulder surgery. My life would have been a whole lot easier, and I would have had a ton of clean underwear.


Always Discreet
I recently discovered that I am not alone in this #PeeHappens journey. A sensitive bladder happens to 1 in 3 women. I am lucky enough to be one of the ones. Yea Me!!!  But Always Discreet is nothing like the adult diapers of yesteryear. They are discreet, easy to warm and soft and comfortable. They are 40% thinner than other brands on the market. And they were recently given the Good Housekeeping Seal and named Product of the year in the bladder protection category.
So tell me are you one of the three that #PEEHappens to? How do you combat or control this problem?

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