Backyard remake for under $50.00

We have done so much landscape work in our front yard that our backyard was feeling neglected. One day while looking through Pinterest I came up with the brilliant idea to do a deck off our storage shed. So this is our story of how we made a hangout spot for those winter evenings frugally by buying clearance items and reusing other items. Take a look at our story.

Backyard remake for under $50.00

This is what it looked like when we started the project. The pallets to the right of the picture will be our new deck. Here is another view. This will be part of our garden back there.

Backyard remake for under $50.00

Not too pretty to look at right? Well, I was bound and determined to have a beautiful and inviting view when I look out of my kitchen window. We took the pallets that we have gotten for free and put them down on the ground to make a deck coming off the side of the storage shed. Then we placed the chaises that my husbands made from pallets as well on top. The main reason they have now found a home there is because I was tired of having to move them when I was mowing the grass. Here is one finished view of the deck. Of course, there is always room for improvement, for example, I love the idea of checking out some flagpoles for sale to add something special to our decking by flying the American flag high, or a flag-themed to the seasons as they come. 

Backyard remake for under $50.00

The pillows on the chaises were made from shower curtains. We have an outlet store in our town, and I was able to buy two fabric shower curtains for $5.00, and I made these pillows and several more from them. The pillows I made from an old outdoor cushion that we have had for years. Now that the deck was done, the other side looked a little drab, so we decided to dress it up with some flowers and such.

Backyard remake for under $50.00

The 3 tier planter we have had for years and just decided to relocate it to the back garden. The bricks were given to us by a friend; that saved us a lot of money.

Backyard remake for under $50.00

Now I know two different color bricks are surrounding the garden but remember these were free. The bricks in the back around the planter were the only ones that we bought. Here is a rundown of what we have in our bed. There is a Gardenia bush in the front that we bought on clearance at Lowe’s for $4.75. Gardenias are one of my favorite flowers and when I saw this one I just had to have it. There are three ornamental kale plants that were clearance for $1.50 apiece, add to that two 6 packs of Violas for $.94 apiece, the top-tier of the 3 tier planter has a ready fill plant that I bought for $3.26  and a flat of pansies ( the only plant I paid the full price for ) for $11.98. The total I paid for the plants was $26.37. My favorite part of the garden is my three-tier planter. I loved the idea when I first saw it on Pinterest, but I did mine just a little bit differently.

Backyard remake for under $50.00

What my husband and I did there was to put the bricks down and then put pebbles that I bought a bag at Lowe’s for $3.00 and put them at the bottom. This is my favorite part of the garden. I think it makes it stand out a little bit. The flowers on the lower ring were from the first batch that we bought this summer. Before I reveal the finished project, I will tell you the other cost we incurred was the mulch and the bricks. I will give you a final run-down at the end of the total cost. Now here is the finished project.

Backyard remake for under $50.00

I love how relaxing it looks.

 remake for under $50.00

The fire pit will be getting a new coat of paint as well but am waiting to do that another day.

Here is the total rundown of the cost of the total garden makeover.

Pallets= Free (hubby got them from work)

Fire Pit= Free ( we have had it for years)

Pallet Chairs= Free ( hubby made them)

3 tier Planter= Free ( it is so old)

Pillows for Chairs= Old cushions from Patio Chairs and shower curtains cover them $5.00

Bricks to Outline Garden= Free from freecycle group

Bricks to place around planter= ( had some bought 8) $4.16

Plants= $26.37

Mulch= (1 and 1/2 bags used) $5.12

Pebbles= $3.00

Stakes and ribbons around deck= Free reused from old projects

Total cost of Backyard Makeover: $43.65

Satisfaction in a job well done: Priceless

Well, what do you think?? I would love to know.

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  1. Looks great, it is amazing how simple changes can make such a difference. Love the sitting area, looks like a great place to relax after a long day!

  2. That’s awesome. My backyard def needs help. You did such an awesome job with the resources available!

  3. Wow, what a fun and amazing transformation. I love seeing successes like this, too cool. I am not good in this department so I can use all the tips and motivation I can get. Thanks!

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