Take On These Road Trip Must Haves with Poise #MyPoiseMoment

Road trips Must haves

Now is the time that most  people find themselves travelling. I know that we have quite a few trips planned within the next two months. I am always looking for ways to get the most out of the trips and have less hassle as well. With that said I have compiled a list of  things you need to take on a road trip. Here is my list in no particular order.

  • A DVD Player- let’s face it if the kids are watching a movie you are less likely to hear he’s touching, tell them to stop looking at me. So that is a must for a road trip. Most cars have the option of adding a DVD player but if yours don’t you can always pick one up. I just bought one for our car it was less than $100.
  • DVDs- what good is a DVD player without DVD’s. Take along your family favorites but here is a tip I also do I buy one movie that they haven’t watch to view during the trip, especially when that trip is a long one.
  • Toilet Paper- Let’s face it folks, we have to go and sometimes those rest areas are out of toilet paper so carry some just in case.
  • Snacks- This will cut down on the cost of all that fast food you are eating. Plus you can offer some healthier options for your family. And we also pack blessing bags just in case we see a homeless person in our travels.
  • Earphones- I always have extras, all three of my girls listen to music on their cellphones so having extra on hand will help cut the noise level. Also you never know when earphones may break so having extras on hand will help cut down on the arguments of who broke whose earphones.
  • Cellphones and chargers- Because let’s face it we live in a technology based society and if we get lost we can always call for directions. Also cellphones have really cool apps for road trips. I will tell you Siri is a life saver.
  • Wipes- I always have wipes in my car.  They are great for not only your nose but also for wiping sticking fingers and faces as well as messes that are made in the car.
  • Plastic Bag- I always put extra plastic bags in the car. They serve a couple of purposes. One you can use them for trash bags, so that all the trash you accumulate during the trip can be tossed very easily and also there are times when we do get sick during trips and a plastic bag is an easy barf bag.
  • Camera – To capture all those memories that you will be making with your family.
  • Books- whether it is on your tablet, eReader, Kindle or an actual book having something to read will cut down on the boredom that most trips contain.
  • I also make sure that we have at least one pillow and several blankets in the car for those just in case moments.

poise liners (1)

  • Poise Liners– They are great to have on hand and keep me drier than the other brands on the market. I feel confident that when  I have these on hand there won’t be any leakage problems with me. And my girls use them as well for their emergency needs so I always have them in my car. Because let’s face it a lot of women suffer from Bladder leakage. Did you know that Poise liners are 3x more absorbent than other liners on the market.  I am glad I stocked up at Sam’s before our road trip to Busch Gardens because riding the Peppermint Twist and laughing so much that I did tinkle a little bit. (Yep no shame in my game).

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I also love that I saved using Sam’s Coupons. Of course when I have any road trip coming up I always stock up at Sam’s Club.  I love that not only can I buy products in bulk which saves me tons of trips to the store.

Poise liners at Sams

But when you shop their sales you get even more back. Just like with my Poise Liners I save $4 for just being a member. And I love that they have a subscription service with discreet shipping because do you really want your neighbors to know that you wear Poise.

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Those are my must haves for road trips. What is on your list?? Do we have some of the same items? Or do you have something totally different?? Share your wonderful tips.

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