Meet Brittany Martinez

women in business series from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Today I have the honor of introducing you to someone who like me used to teach. We actually taught together a lot. But also like me, she changed careers and is making waves in the real estate market. I am proud to introduce you to my friend Brittany Martinez. I hope you will love her as much as I do. Also, a quick reminder if you missed any of the amazing women profiled in this series you can check out this page to catch up or preview who will be coming soon.

Meet Brittany Martinez Women in Business Series From North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Tell me a little bit about you. 

Hi! I’m Brittany Martinez. I am a single mom to a five-year-old little boy. I was an elementary teacher in Goldsboro, NC for 7 years before moving back to my hometown of Buffalo, NY. I unexpectedly fell into a real estate career, which has completely changed my life. I bought my first house last year and fully renovated it in five months! I have a very strong group of friends and I belong to an amazing Christian church.

Tell me about your business. 

I am the lead administrator of a Real Estate team within Keller Williams Realty. Our team, called The Josh James Team was just ranked the 3rd top real estate team in our region- based on the number of homes sold and gross commission income. If you want to buy a home, sell a home, or invest in real estate we can help you! My job administratively is to help our clients get a house under contract and see it through for them until closing. I handle all marketing, technology, appointments, and I focus on how to grow our team.

Meet Brittany Martinez Women in Business Series From North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

What struggles have you faced in your business? 

Coming from zero real estate experience, it was a huge learning curve for me. I took the 75-hour real estate licensing course right away, and had to study a lot! During my career transition, family and friends thought I was crazy to leave a job I was already good at for an entirely new business adventure.

How have you overcome those struggles?

Sometimes we don’t know what God’s plan is for our lives, but it is our job to trust and take the first step. It is definitely a struggle to learn new skills, and study to gain new certifications, but I have a philosophy that helps me in a variety of life’s situations: fake it until you make it!

Who were your mentors growing up? 

Dave Ramsey, the “get out of debt guy” and his teachings have thoroughly changed the trajectory of my personal finances and the way I think about money. I have also had two very impactful “pastors wives” mentor me over my adult years, and that has meant a lot.

Meet Brittany Martinez Women in Business Series From North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

If you were to give advice to a woman going into the field you are in what would it be?

I would say this applies to any field but come to your job prepared to work. Do not worry about who you are going to eat lunch with, or making friends right away, and don’t get involved in office gossip. Immerse yourself into your work, learn everything you can and try to be the best at whatever you’re doing. If you see someone doing better than you, you are lucky because you have someone to learn from.

Have you found that being a woman in your field is harder or easier? Tell me about the advantages and disadvantages of being a woman.

 In real estate, we are helping people make the largest purchase of their lives and in my situation, people may feel more comfortable with a man negotiating on their behalf. I have also seen co-workers waste a lot of time with male buyers that were not serious about house shopping, but only wanted to spend more time with their attractive female real estate agent.

 Have you ever have to overcome a hostile work environment?

 Luckily, not really. My work environment is very supportive and flexible. I have been involved with several “nail-biter” negotiation situations. I describe some aspects of real estate to be exactly like a hand of poker, which happens to be a game I really enjoy playing.

What made you decide on your chosen field? 

Before finding real estate I was an administrator at a child care center. I had reached a ceiling of growth at the center. There were no more positions available for advancement, the salary was terrible, and I knew that I had the mental capacity to learn more and do more. Yes, it was an easy job that I was good at, but I thrive in an environment that lets me be creative. Within Keller Williams, we study people that have already proven themselves to be successful. They value personal growth and career development, and it is way more in-depth than a few online modules.

Anything else you would care to share. 

I am proud to say that I am still able to teach within real estate. I teach classes to new agents now, and my co-workers and mentors around me have helped me discover talent and a dream that I didn’t even know I had! I’ve started my own training business where I will be contracted to other agents to help them build systems and train administrators helping more agents build teams within Keller Williams. They say if you want to go fast- go alone; if you want to go far- go together. I am happy to have found a career where there is no ceiling in sight. For more information please email me at [email protected] or visit our website

Melissa’s Sidenote

Meet Brittany Women in Business Series From North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Don’t kill me Brittany, but I just had to share these pictures. You haven’t changed a bit.

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  1. Good for her on making a change with her career and trying something new. You never know what you’re good at until you try. Love the pics at the end too!

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