So You Want To Know Where I Get My Clothes?

This post I originally posted on my other blog Champagne Style Bare Budget but I wanted to share with you the great deals that I get on clothing and other items from this website. So I wanted to reuse the original post with a few tweaks. Plus I think I was inspired because I am wearing one of the items I received from them today. 


I often get compliments on the clothes that I wear. I often get asked the questions, “Where did you buy that shirt?” ” How much did that cost?” or “What store do you buy your clothes at?” I politely listen with a smile on my face while waiting for them to finish and then say I bought them online. You can imagine the shocked looks that I get and then comes the next question “I bet you paid a fortune?” Once again I politely say no actually I got them at a really good price and it was actually less than what I would pay for them at the store even when the shipping is added in.

I then get asked is it one site or more than one that you buy from? I tell them I normally buy from 2 sites ToAdorn and Jane. They almost identical sites but I have to admit that my favorite is Jane. They often have grab bags of clothes for under $15. In the grab bags they normally offer three items in one size. Since two of my girls wear the same size, I am already racking up the Christmas presents for them. Having three teenage girls you can imagine how much money we spend on clothing? Sometimes their sizes do run small but for the most part they are true to size.

But they sell so much than clothes, they offer shoes, accessories, jewelry, stuff for your house and car and even items for your pets. That is where we got the place mat that  goes under Allie’s dish.


This site is different from other sites as they announce daily deals and they  don’t carry the same thing all the time. It is a great variety. Just look at one of the deals they have going on right now.

jane mid length dress

Striped Midi Dress

Was $29.99 – Now $16.99

So now that I have told you about my favorite shopping site head over and start shopping at  Jane for Daily Boutique Deals .

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