Fashion Trends: Class vs. Flash

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Fashion Trends

I often think I was born during the wrong time period. Why do you ask? Because fashion trends these days are for people to show off what they have instead of covering it up. Let’s face it folks sometimes we just don’t need to see all of that.

Just look at how much swimwear has changed over the past 100 years. We went from covering it all up to leaving nothing to the imagination. There is no modesty in this anymore. I remember the Duggars getting so much flack for the girls not wearing bathing suits at the beach. Although we don’t go to that extreme. You won’t see me or my girls with thongs or itty bitty bikinis on at the beach ( And you can thank me in advance for that. 🙂 esp if I wore one you wouldn’t want to see that)

Being a mom of three beautiful teenage girls, I am often faced with ways to let them express themselves through their clothes and still be modest. And the leggings debate that I posted on my blog last week was just one of them.

[Tweet “A dress must be tight enough to show you’re a woman & loose enough to prove you’re a lady! “]

I think that people really need to look at what their wearing and ask themselves do they really look good or are they just kidding themselves? You can still look beautiful and be covered up all at the same time. It is all about confidence and you carry yourself than letting it all hang out.

So tell me do you like the new fashion trends that  leave little to the imagination or do you like the air of mystery that being modest brings? Inquiring minds want to know.

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