Create A Style Board For Motivation

I have spent a lot of time on Pinterest lately. I have decided that I do not want to wear the same outfit day after day so I have looked to Pinterest for some style inspiration. I even created a style board on there. Even pinning quite a few satin evening dresses just in case I ever have a occassion to wear one. Not that I see it happening anytime soon.  But you never know when I might be invited to a gala.

satin evening dress

 I tend to lean to the more conservative long sleeve evening dresses but I think it is because I tend to want to wear loose fitting clothes that cover up the weight that I have packed on in the last year.

long sleeve evening dress

But I have also pinned quite a few dresses that are out there like this Lady in Red dress. These are like an inspiration to me that one day I will be able to wear these types of dresses. They are my motivation to get off my bottom and get moving and start exercising.

Lady in Red

So tell me do you have a style board on Pinterest that you use for motivation and inspiration to help you to achieve a goal? Share your boards, who knows I might just repin one of the pins that you post. Because it seems like once you start pinning you can’t stop. It is almost like potato chips, once you eat that one you just can not help yourself you have to have more. Check out my Style Board on Pinterest.

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