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Shopping With Jane

I am going to let you in on a secret of mine. But you have to pretty please promise with sugar on top not to share it. I start my Christmas shopping as soon as the new year starts. One by shopping clearance racks and another by shopping online. One of my favorites places to shop online is Jane.

Why do I love shopping at Jane? First, because most of their items are unique and second because some of the vendors offer grab bags of items. And they are awesome. I just recently ordered several of these items for my girls already, and I totally scored 2-3 pieces of clothing for under $25 with shipping included.

Not sure about Jane, just check out some of the unique items they have to offer.  Here is a Grab bag for $9.99.

grab bag

Do you send out Christmas cards? How about these Holiday address labels?

holiday address labels

Have a kid that loves anything monogrammed?Then these pajamas pants are sure to be a hit.

pajama pants

Are you a parent to a fur baby, then these graphics tees would be awesome.

graphic tees

And you can’t go wrong with this clutch.


I have one, and I totally love it. In fact, I had it a few days ago when I went out to Lunch with my friend Laura to celebrate her birthday, and she totally fell in love with it.

Laughing Owl Outfit What to wear Wine tasting

These are just a few things that Jane offers. I love that they have everything from clothing to accessories to home decor to items for babies and kids.

I have had a few problems with this site, but customer service has been quick to respond and resolving the issues was very speedy and easy. They refund within a day of final resolution of the problem. It is so worth it to buy from there. Remember that dress and bag that I wore on the trip my husband, and I took to New Bern.

Beautiful Woman of God (2)

Totally from Jane. In fact, the bag is from the same company where I got the clutch.  So I love this site and basically do 75% of my Christmas shopping for my girls there. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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