Planning Your Winter Wardrobe

We’re over the peak of summer, and now the mornings are getting darker, and the nights are getting colder. As the season changes, your wardrobe needs to follow suit! If you haven’t started planning out your winter wardrobe already, here are a few useful tips that will get you started, and make sure you’re prepared by the time the weather really starts to get cold.

Identify the Gaps

Start off by opening up your wardrobe, assessing what you have, and listing all the category gaps that you can see, like any items that you don’t have enough of, or are in need of an update. Most importantly, think of any important investment pieces that you’ll need for the winter, and start budgeting for them and you can save extra money by using an Old Navy coupon. Look at some of the latest boots for winter, along with knits that are in fashion, not to mention coats and bags, or any more basic items that you feel need replacing. It also pays to think of any specific events that you have coming up in the winter and plan for anything you’re going to need for these. There’s a fair chance that you’ll go over budget when you see all the gorgeous pieces coming out around this time of year. If this happens, just shed some of the accessories and frills, and stick to versatile clothes that will see you through the season.

Assess your Lifestyle

The perfect wardrobe shouldn’t only reflect your unique style and tastes, but also mesh conveniently with the life you lead. Obviously, a lot of corporate wear and smart heels won’t be all that appropriate if you work from home, or spend a large part of your day on the go. When you’re planning out your winter wardrobe, be sure to look through your social schedule for the season ahead. Have you got a big trip planned? What kind of clothes will you need for that? Any other events should also be taken into account to hit your winter wardrobe on the head. Use this plan to categorize your clothing into separate outfits, and work out how much you need and want for the winter.

Think About Colors

From a practical point of view, the bulk of your wardrobe should be made up of neutral colors; blacks, whites, and nudes. This will give you a lot of options for mixing and matching different pieces and make it easy to keep your wardrobe feeling fresh every day of the winter. Save the loud, eye-catching colors for next summer! Instead of relying on different shades, you can add excitement to a neutral winter wardrobe by playing around with different textures and off-beat structures to your outfits. While wardrobes in the colder part of the year tend to be quite monochrome if you want to add some color, stick to understated colors of navy, magenta, khaki, and maroon. Pastels can also be a nice addition to your winter look, with jewel tones of sapphire blue, emerald green, and bright, glowing orange. Isolated splashes of these bolder colors always go well with neutrals.

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