The Importance of Faith in Childhood

Faith in Childhood

Your children are so deeply loved – even before they were born, you hoped for them and dreamed for them and wanted nothing but the best for them in life.

Now that they are here, you deeply desire for them to be happy and will go to great lengths to do so.  Gifts are often lavished on birthdays and at Christmas, and you take them to places and are always there for them without fail, but did you know that the greatest thing that you could ever do for your child is to lead them to their own personal relationship with and faith in Jesus Christ? Here’s why.

Better Choices are Made with Faith

There is no denying that everyone is tempted to make the wrong choices in life. Being a Christian does not grant immunity from this, but when your faith is actively rooted in Christ, it can give you the strength to say “no” in the face of temptation. As your child grows and is confronted with such peer pressures as drugs, alcohol, and premarital sex, it is so important to equip your child with the means to take the higher, and often harder, road.

Peace has Victory over Fear with Faith

Over and over in the Bible, there are verses that directly address the topic of fear. There are so many difficult and frightening things that can happen in this world. Providing your child directly with the Word of God and helping them become familiar with these passages of peace that He longs to give will help your child in their moments of distress. They will learn to walk boldly in this world and in their own life, despite the uncertainty that may lay all around them.

 Comfort is Blessed upon Those with Faith

One of the most difficult things for anyone to experience is the death of a loved one. Learning to cope with loss on such a deep level is heartbreaking but also important for your child, and can often be aided through the funeral or cremation service, depending on their age, but it is in their faith and knowing that Jesus is right there by their side that your child will find the deepest comfort. Your child needs to know that God loves them and understands their hurts and pains, and having their own faith will give them this.

Focus is Developed with Faith

Nowadays, there are more distractions than can be counted. From the internet to video games and cell phones, distractions are everywhere, but with a growing faith comes discipline, and with discipline also comes a refined focus upon that which is most important. Rather than basing their decisions on what they see others doing, your child will learn to bring the decisions they are confronted with to God, and God, in turn, will lead them along the way they should go.

It cannot be emphasized deeply enough how important faith is for your child. God is everywhere. Show them, teach them, lead them.

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