Snow Brings Out the Best and Worst In Everyone

AFM snow


Who knew little flakes could cause so much uproar? My Facebook newsfeed has been blowing up this morning with parents questioning why schools got out two hours early yesterday when it was 60 degrees and today after a little snowfall and the temperature around 25 degrees that they had only a two hour delay. Why didn’t they cancel school for today and why did they get out yesterday when it was beautiful? These were the questions and complaints that were on the newsfeed. I took to commenting on some stating that the county looked out for the best interest of ALL the children in the county not just those who attend the traditional schools. My three girls are some of the ones who attend a non traditional school ( they had to apply to attend this school even though it is county funded.) With that said nontraditional schools do not get out until 4:30 or later which would make some of the students getting home after dark and some not getting home until around 7 pm.

Now let me back track a little bit and say that the weather people on television predicted the storm coming at around 4:00. If those predictions had  come true then there would be have a lot of school kids at school or coming from school that would be caught in the mess. Unfortunately, not every child can be car riders so they have to ride the bus to and from school.  With that said I applaud our school system for letting the schools out two hours early yesterday. Yes it was 60 degrees and beautiful but it was also predicted to have temperatures plummet during the day, but to make sure that ALL of the students in the county got home safely they chose to release the traditional schools between 12-1:30 time varies by schools so that those that attend the nontraditional schools could also get out two hours early . They decided that the safety of ALL the students was important. This is what I think the parents of traditional students seemed to forget. They only looked at what affected their child and chose to criticize the county for their decisions never really looking at the big picture and realizing that there are non traditional schools in the county.

I commented on one of the posts and the person just seemed to want to argue with me. To me those types of parents that criticize would be the first to sue the school system if something happened to their children. Remember the county looks at what is best for ALL the students in ALL the schools and to me that is awesome.

I would rather have a school system that cares about ALL the children that attend their schools then be persuaded by parents to allow them to attend to the needs of an elite few.

Well, that is my take on things. What do you think?

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  1. I am so over snow this year! I agree the schools need to make a decision and keep safety of the kids and staff in mind. In our area earlier this year the schools stayed open and one of the teachers died on the way to school because of road conditions. It is always better to err on the side of safety.

  2. I think safety is most important when it comes to our kids. We never have to worry about a snow day in Arizona but I can’t imagine sending kids out in a crazy, cold storm to walk home from a bus stop!!

  3. I loved snow days as a kid, we’d spend all day outside and come in for warm food. We made such wonderful memories.

    I never minded those long winter breaks, but you’re right it’s about safety.

    Stay safe out there!

  4. We’re out again tomorrow and I’m just glad the kids are home where they are warm and safe off the ice. It is tough to know we’re going to have to make up so many days, but I’m glad we still enjoy being together.

  5. Well, since we school at home…. I do not have a weather road problem. But living in the mountainous area, I do understand that for the safety of some, it is better to cancel. Locally the mountains may have ice and snow, while we in the valley have nothing.

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