Fashion Event in Dallas, Texas

runway fashionI know you are probably reading this and are thinking to yourself have I totally lost my mind- what do I know about Fashion Events in Dallas, Texas? Well, bear with me a minute!! As many of you already know when I married my husband Raul, some 18 years ago, I married into a big family. Think my big fat Greek Wedding but substitute Mexican for the word Greek. Yup that Big! With that said, my husband being number nine of ten children, we have nieces and nephews that are around our age or just a few years behind us. So now here is the point, two of those nieces and nephews, live in the Dallas, Texas area with their families. Here are some awesome events I would have loved to check out if I live in the Dallas, Texas area. Just like the adage, everything is big in Texas, the shopping malls are huge. I went to one when we were visiting and it was like a culture shock for me. Seriously, I had never seen a mall that big. It had in it a skating rink, every store imaginable, and a Movie Theater. So with that many stores, there are plenty of fashion events to attend. All you have to do to find one near you is to check out the local newspaper and viola a list of fashion events at your fingertips

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