Keep the Kitchen Safe for Your Children

Keep the Kitchen Safe for Your Children from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

A lot of people enjoy cooking. Some of us don’t enjoy it much but have to do it anyway. If you have a toddler or a little child in your family, you might want to consider a few more things before buying kitchen appliances. Kids are curious by nature. They want to explore everything they see and do experiments with them. Oftentimes they have access to your kitchen. If they decide to unleash their curiosity to the full potential with knives, gas burners and ovens, you know what might happen. It is not always possible to keep an eye on them all the time. So, you have to take some precautions and choose your kitchen appliances to avoid any minor to serious mishaps. Our advice is to choose the right appliance and tools, that are designed with this concern in mind.

Pay careful attention to your cabinets and drawers. They have been major sources of unwanted incidents for kids. If possible, install them high enough where your children cannot reach. They are usually put to a lower place. This puts them into the risk of pinching their fingers when the drawers slam close. In today’s market, some drawers are equipped with a guidance system that controls the drawer’s movement to avoid any injury. Also, try to have automatic internal locking in your cabinets and drawers. Once such a device is attached, they will lock the drawers from inside even if you forget to do so from outside. This is very helpful to restrict your children from anything dangerous.

Ovens are commonplace in the kitchen, but unfortunately, the potential harm to children is by no way negligible. Have an oven that has an in-built locking mechanism. It will prevent the kids from opening the oven while in operational. Some ovens allow you to engage that lock manually. Remember that the danger can not only come from opening the oven. When set on a very high temperature, the exterior can also get considerably hot to burn tender skin and flesh. So, consider ovens that are well insulated outside. Also, quick cooldown technology is an option to keep in your mind.

A recent innovation in cooking technology is induction hob. Traditional hobs get extremely hot while cooking, but, induction hobs use magnetic induction to transfer the heat. As a result, the surface of an induction hob remains much cooler than a normal hob. Replacing your traditional hob with a new induction hob will ensure that your children better protected from burning their fingers. There are a myriad of options to choose from and prices vary. One such option which is beneficial for families with small children is a spot that comes into contact with the cooking pot as it gets hot, and only heats up when there is a metallic substance on it, it also has an option to pause. Whichcooker has a range of induction hobs up for review with recommendations according to needs and budget. 

Another possible source of accidents could be gas burners. Always check the connecting pipes and junctions. Make sure there are absolutely no leaks. Leaks can lead to serious incidents. Choose burners, stoves or any system that is designed to minimize these threats. Also, keep inflammable substances out of children’s reach. To be extra safe, you can use stove guards.

With all those appliances driven by electricity in your kitchen, there comes a chance of electrical hazards. Shockingly, a report says 86% of such injuries happen to children aging from one to four. Of course, have GFI (ground fault interrupter) installed in your house. Always, keep the appliance wires out of reach of your children. If possible, allow a separate space in your kitchen for power supply to those appliances. This way, children will not be able to reach them easily.

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