A Night I Rather Forget

I think I have to preface this post with this. We normally have a great time at Railhawks games. The staff and the team are totally awesome. This post is totally about the fans on this particular night. 

night to forget

First I will have to say that a good time was not had by all last Saturday night at the Carolina Railhawks game. I should have known that the downpour we drove into would have set the tone for the game. We arrived early and stopped by the restroom to grab some paper towels to wipe off our rain soaked seats. Then we started watching the guys warm up. Things were going great until the game was about to begin. We were sitting in our normal seats however the rows around us were not the normal fans. They were filled with a bunch of kids from a Christian school in Cary. Our first encounter was when the guy behind me kept hitting me with his knees. I could not even sit back fully in my seat because of this. I asked him several times to please be careful. He said he was sorry but still continued to hit me his excuse was that he was too big for these seats which I find it hard to believe because my daughter’s boyfriend, who is well over 6 feet and bigger than this guy has never had a problem with that. So that was the first incidence that continued throughout the game.
The second one came when one of the little kids decided to sit in Maddie’s seat. Maddie was a little late arriving to the game as she was driving down from college. When she got there I politely asked him to move as that was her seat and he looked at me like I had two heads but begrudging moved. I mean if this is her dedicated seat for the whole season which it is, he should have said I am sorry and left it.
As the game proceeded out came inflatable soccer balls. It seems that this particular group thought it would be fun to hit them back and forth across two sections. Now I am all for fun but they were not understanding in this matter. The force in which these kids hit these balls made them like flying missiles, well not that bad but close. They didn’t watch where the balls were going so you can imagine how many times we got hit with them. I was especially worried about Gracie because as her neurologist stated any blow to the head could cause a seizure. We asked them several times to please stop or go play somewhere else but yet they continued to do this. We even asked the parents and they looked like we had two heads as well. At one point one of the balls almost knocked over the nachos which one of my daughters’ was holding in her hand. Yea it was that bad.
And don’t get me started on the nachos at halftime and the stepping all over my daughters’ seats so they had to wipe off their seats yet again because of these kids. Try getting Nacho cheese out of clothes it is not fun as it was all over the t-shirts we had gotten that night as well as my jacket. All because these kids could not respect the seats of others.

Here are my thoughts on this subject;
I wonder why the parents were not controlling these kids they were beyond wild. And the fact that they had no respect for adults who ask them politely to stop does not bode well to the kind of upbringing they had or what their school is teaching them. You are probably wondering how I know it was a Christian school in Cary well it because they were all wearing t- shirts representing their school. Yea, all I have to say if you are representing your school in public you should want to represent it well. I know if my students ever acted like that they would be punished. So yea to say that this night was the worst we had at Wake Med Soccer Park would be an understatement.

But the night did end on a good note. Gracie has a new favorite player, her old one is no longer with the team, and she was able to get her picture taken with him. We are looking forward to seeing Chris Nurse play this season.

chris nurse

I wouldn’t trade that smile for anything.

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  1. Sorry, for your awful experience. Unfortunately some parents seem to not care about what’s going on around them as long as their kids aren’t bothering them.

  2. When someone kicks my chair it is so annoying it makes me want to scream lol

  3. Sometimes I wonder what is wrong with people. Do parents just do not care or are they oblivious to what is going on? I had something similar happen to me and the parents were clueless.

  4. I get so annoyed sometimes but realize that my kids at times have been annoying to others. Unless the parents don’t get involved and end it then it is time to step in

  5. Wow, that’s awful. Just takes one bad egg to make it horrible for everyone. Glad your daughter got her photo taken with her new fave player. Hope it made her night!

  6. It seems to me that some parents are oblivious to their own kids these days. But I’m glad the night had something good come of it!

  7. I am amazed at how some kids act and how that reflects on there family and school. Thankfully my son does not act out.

  8. I am surprised you kept your cool soo well especially considering her health concern. I can’t deal with parents who don’t even try to control their children. I usually just move away from it instead of it festering inside!

    On a positive note, her smile is beautiful!

  9. Sorry you didn’t get to enjoy the game. I hate when people are so rude, they ruin someone else’s experience.

  10. How rude of those parents to not control their children better than that. I’m glad the night ended on a somewhat better note though.

  11. You should share this with the school. Since you know where the kids went school because of their shirts, they might want to discuss this with the entire study body.

  12. I do not think I would have taken it that well myself. It is neat that your daughter got her pic taken with the player.

  13. Thank you for sharing this, Melissa. We greatly value your opinion and participation. I am sorry to hear that your experience was not up to our standards this time around. I apologize. Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to help out from here. Thanks!

  14. I’m sorry you had a bad experience, but so glad to hear that’s not always the case! Your preface was a nice touch.

  15. One of my biggest pet peeves is people who are inconsiderate to others. Especially when they don’t teach their children manners!

  16. I felt like I had to put the preface there because the staff and players have been so accomodating me for the blog. They are awesome to work with.

  17. I’m really surprised the parents let the kids get away with that kind of behavior. My kids know better than to behave like a hooligan in public.

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