How to Reduce the Chaos in Your Life

How to Reduce the Chaos in Your Life

It’s easy to feel like your life is out of control. When you’re having a bad day, you look around and see nothing but sources of stress: a messy room, a chore to be done, a pressing deadline, and so on. Everyone else seems to have it together (at least, if their social media accounts are to be believed!), but you just can’t seem to get things right. Your life is in chaos.

If this feeling sounds familiar, take a deep breath. Your life isn’t truly full of chaos, and nobody else’s is quite as wonderful as they make it out to be on social media. With that said, though, there are a few things that you can do to try to reduce the daily stresses that fill your life. Here are some tips for kicking chaos out of your life.

 Decluttering solutions

Keeping your home clean is no easy task, but would be much easier if you didn’t have so much stuff. But parting with possessions is hard!

There are a few popular methods that work well for decluttering. You can pack up your entire room and unpack it as though you were moving in for the first time, which allows you to reorganize while also thinking critically about what you choose to keep. Clothes and other possessions can be turned around, moved, or otherwise marked when they are used or worn – after six months or a year, check back in and junk the ones that remain in their original positions, untouched over all that time.

If these methods don’t work or seem too harsh for you, you can “cheat” a bit by investing in a storage unit. Renting a storage unit can help you stash those big but essential items that are filling up your home, and it gives you a safe space to hide things you can’t bear to part with but don’t need to see every day.

Outsource your chores

 Your time is valuable! Think of how much you get paid per hour, and apply that logic to some of your chores. If you’re a high-powered lawyer who rushes home to walk his or her dog, is that really necessary? Consider outsourcing that chore to a dog walking service and instead focusing on what you do best. The same goes for yard work, house cleaning, and many other chores. In many cases, you can pay an expert while staying at work and making more money than you’re spending. And even if you’re just kicking back and relaxing while the lawn care team works over the weekend, you can consider this an investment in your mental health.

 Plan ahead

 This is a tip that is tough for many of us to follow, but it’s an essential part of reducing daily chaos. When you schedule tasks ahead of time, you can avoid double-booking yourself. And when you have daily access to your tasks – whether you use a scheduler, a calendar, or an app that bugs you with reminders – then deadlines won’t sneak up on you.

A few general tips should be followed here. Make sure that you have all of your scheduling information in one place. Have one calendar, not too, and if you use an app, use only that app (most apps of this kind allow you to sync information across multiple devices, making this part easy). When scheduling, give yourself more time than you think you need – we tend to underestimate how long things will take, and it’s a lot better to under-book yourself than to over-book yourself. Finally, experiment with different systems and settle on one that works for you! There are plenty of books on this subject and even more schools of thought, but the important thing is that you find a good fit (by trying multiple options) and then stick with it.

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