Choosing the Right Wall Hangings for Your Home

Choosing the Right Wall Hangings for Your Home

When it comes to decorating your home, nothing stands out in quite the way that wall hangings do. The pictures, posters, paintings, and even quilts that you hang from your wall will put the finishing touches on everything else that you’ve done, from the flooring to the wall paint. The job of your wall hangings is to pull your room together while helping it to stand out. But picking out the right wall hangings can be tough. How can you make sure you get it right? Here are a few tips.

 What to hang

First things first: let’s consider what you’re actually going to hang up. You can hang a wide variety of things from your wall. These days, thanks to big online retailers, almost nothing is out of your financial reach. You can get everything prints to oil paintings (you can find affordable oil paintings on 1st Art Gallery). You can get quilts that hang from wooden racks, shadow boxes that display knick-knacks and little statues, framed and unframed posters, and a whole lot more. So how can you decide which to get?

Well, it all depends on your room. Look around the space you’ve already created (or imagine the one that you are going to create). Look for elements in your design that give your room its style, and then try to fit that style to a type of wall hanging. A rustic, cabin-style room would be a great place to hang an Amish quilt, but the same can’t be said for a modern, minimalist room – a room like that would be a better fit for a black-and-white photo in a simple, sleek black frame or a gorgeous big acrylic print.

 Matching colors

We just mentioned black and white, which are perfect for minimalist set-ups. The fact is, though, that every type of room relies in part on color. So when you’re looking for a good wall hanging, be sure to match colors from the image to the colors in your room.

This is obvious when you picture extreme situations, like a neon-colorful modern piece in a rustic cabin room full of earth tones. But it matters even in more subtle situations, so keep an eye on your decisions! You’ll want to match families of colors, not exact colors, and keep an eye out for subtle things – a small detail in the painting that features a color much like the color of your couch, for instance, or a painting that evokes the same family of colors as the small statue on your end table.

Apply a similar logic to the frame. A wooden frame may match a rustic setting, while a bright yellow frame may match your colorful kitchen.

 Tasteful choices

 The final factor in your choice is the hardest to describe: taste. Ultimately, taste is what matters to you. You must like a painting or a photo for it to feel great in your space. But you can also evaluate a few basic things when you look at a wall hanging.

Look at the style and content of the piece, and try to think about other pieces you’ve seen in this style. Is this a common or “kitschy” wall hanging? Where have you seen other pieces like this? Would this look out of place at a hip coffee shop or a museum? Imagine who else might buy something like this – is the person you’re imagining someone whose taste you respect, and who you’d want others to compare your sense of style or taste to?

Ultimately, of course, all that matters is that your piece goes with your space and that you love it. The goal is to create your ideal interior space, and wall hangings are a great way to do so.

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