Creating Your Dream Garden

Creating Your Dream Garden

When people begin talking about their dream gardens with friends and family they are often surprised to find what is an ideal garden for them is completely different from what others would want. This is why it is important to take the time to map out exactly what would make you happy before you venture off to the nursery. If you aren’t sure about what you want your garden to develop into, it can be all too easy to create the masterpiece of someone else’s dream.

Flower Gardens

One of the most common types of gardens people daydream about is the flower garden. Everyone knows how to make a gorgeous flower garden right? You find a sunny place and carefully plant a wide variety of elegant roses. They require love, devotion, and careful cultivation to flourish and will perfectly showcase one’s gardening skills. To some, it sounds like a blissful way to relax each day after work and to spend lazy Sunday afternoons. To others, that sounds like torture.
Some people prefer the natural beauty of perennial wildflower seeds native to the region. They are ecologically friendly and already adapted to the environment. These types of flowers provide a colorful landscape with minimal effort and are ideal for people who want a low monetary and time investment for their dream garden. There are several affordable flower bulbs online for sale that are great for beginners.

Edible Gardens

When some people talk about creating their dream garden, they are thinking of individual vegetables, herbs, and fruits they can grow and enjoy throughout the year. Planning the perfect planting sequence and use of space is something to be savored and enjoyed. A large vegetable garden can take a substantial amount of time to prepare the seedlings and care for them during the long months of growing. Then, there is the time required to preserve and use the harvest as it rolls in. Then, there is the collection of leaves and mulching to ensure the soil is ready for the next planting season.
For others, this is simply an overwhelming nightmare of a task that sounds far more like work than fun. For them, an edible garden may simply be a few kitchen planters filled with fresh herbs to elevate their meals. It may also be growing a few tomato and pepper plants on the balcony as part of an effort to spend a little more time connecting with nature in a large city. Edible gardens come in all shapes and sizes and levels of commitment.


Zen Gardens

Not everyone wants a garden filled with plants and flowers which require tending on a regular basis. For them, that is simply another thing on an endless to-do list that will only add more stress. Instead, they want to create a Zen garden, also known as a Japanese rock garden. These gardens are created with careful arrangements of rocks, pruned trees, water features, moss, and bushes. The landscape is covered with sand or gravel that is then raked to resemble ripples in the water. These types of gardens are usually somewhat small and surrounded by a stone wall. While there can be seating within the garden itself, it is usually viewed from seating outside of the garden. They are used as a meditation aid and can be remarkably soothing for those who enjoy the style.


Labyrinths and Mazes

Similar to a Zen garden, a labyrinth or maze is a type of garden that uses hedges to create a space for people to meditate while they walk. These large spaces require detailed planning and cultivation and, depending on the species used, may take years or even decades to become fully optimized.
On the other hand, some people enjoy creating these types of gardens with plants that grow quickly and can be changed each year. There are those who create seasonal mazes for fall festivals with corn and others who use bamboo for more permanent structures that still grow quite quickly. Both types will still have similarities, however, and one may design certain aspects in the same way. For example, a wooden arch could be fitted at both the entrance and exit in both types of maze. 
When it comes to designing your dream garden, create what makes you happy. Take the time to carefully consider what that might look like and explore digital and print resources to help flesh out the idea before you begin seeking the advice of friends, family, or gardening professionals. Having a clear idea in mind will ensure the garden you create is one you will want to spend time in.

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