Mistakes That Parents Should Avoid to Reduce Baby Injury

MISTAKES THAT PARENTS SHOULD AVOID TO REDUCE BABY INJURY by North Carolina lifestyle blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

As parents, we desire to present our kids a safe and healthy environment for our kids to live, grow and play sports like trampolines. For playing such sports parents must make sure kids use best rectangle trampoline to add safety and reduce injury. Still, at times fate is not on our side and we end up committing some mistakes that may have fatal consequences for the child. When considering the child’s daily life think about the mistakes that you could have made:

  • Usage of the wrong car seat

    Not all car seats are created equally or have the same features. There are different car seats designed for specific uses of the child. Make sure that your child is occupying the car seat that best suits him as per his size, weight, and age. While shopping for a car seat check the guidelines from the manufacturers and follow the recommendations as stated on the packing. Mothercare voucher here is a great place to shop for discounts on car seats.  

  • Improper installation of the car seat

    Best infant car seat if installed incorrectly can tend to be useless. As per surveys, more than 80 percent of the car seats are installed incorrectly. There are several websites like babylic which help you to find the right car seat for your baby. Also, make sure that the harness straps and retainer clip are positioned correctly so that they can be pulled correctly.

  • Leaving the kids unattended in the bathtub

    This is a serious mistake that can be highly fatal for the kids. Leaving the kids unattended in the bathtub even for a few minutes can easily drown them. It just takes a few inches of water to drown the kids.

  • Feeding foods that can be choking

    The kids do not have fully developed digestive tract so they need to be fed with easy to be swallowed food. Foods that can cause choking like whole grapes, popcorn, chips, raw carrot, hot dogs and other such foods that present choking risk for the young kids should not be served to them.

  • Leaving the kids in the car unattended

    Leaving the kids in the car unattended can have serious fatal consequences. On the days when the temperature outside the car is 85 degree, the temperature inside the car can reach to 100 degrees Fahrenheit within a few minutes. The dangerous fact is that once the body reaches the temperature of 107 degrees Fahrenheit it could lead to death. In some 15 countries it is a criminal offense to leave the child unattended in the car.

  • Placing things in the crib

    Nothing means absolutely nothing should be placed inside the crib with your child be it toys, cushions or even a blanket. Stuffed toys or any such things can put the risk of suffocation on your child. Nothing that even has a few sharp edges should be kept. Instead of a blanket, the sleeping sack can be used to keep the child warm. In place of stuff toys, rubber toys can be kept as they pose no threat of suffocation.

  • Using harsh chemicals on the lawn

    There are certain chemicals or fertilizers that contain harsh chemicals and are not intended to be used on the lawn where the kids play. Take the help from a garden and lawn professional regarding safe alternatives in place of harsh chemicals.

  • Keeping the room hot at bedtime

    The ideal temperature for a kids room is 61 to 68 degree Fahrenheit. The room should have a temperature that a lightly clothed adult is comfortable. Keep a fan operating in the room to facilitate air circulation. Overheating in the room could lead to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

  • Making the babies sleep on their stomach

    It is advisable to make the babies sleep in the crib on their back. A healthy baby if made to sleep like this can reduce the risk of SIDS in the babies. However, in the certain cases the pediatrician recommends that the baby should have slept on either sides or stomach then it should be done but the child should be supervised if made to sleep like this.

  • If the baby sleeps in the car or swing

    If the baby sleeps in the car seat or swings then wake up the child by moving him. It is seen commonly that kids if sleep in car or swing in a wrong posture then this could be fatal. The head of the baby tends to fall forward in this situation and this could result in a reduced supply of air in the body or get strangled by the straps and this can lead to injury or even death. If the baby sleeps in the car make sure that the seat is properly buckled to the car and the baby is in the correct posture.  

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