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This devotional hit home last night. Sometimes I as a parent misspeak and sometime info that my girls and I joke around about makes it way out of my mouth and I end up regretting it. Last night was one of those times. Remember how I wrote “Neither the captain Austin Da Luz or Brian Shriver seemed to be able to make their way down our side of the stands, which I admit was a little disappointing because Da Luz is one of my favorite players but the girls don’t like him, so I am trying to prove them wrong but unfortunately things like that only proves them right,” in one of my post. Well last night Da Luz walked near us and I asked him to help me prove a point I don’t know if Maddie or he was more embarrassed after I blurted out that they don’t like you. I meant to say that help me prove a point that you are a nice guy but somehow it did not come out that way LOL. So as parents we are all learning our way around just as your children are learning as well. There is never a black and white area there are always shades of grays . I told Maddie I was sorry but she didn’t forgive me until after we got home. So for anyone out there know that we as parents make mistakes as well. Because after all we are learning as we go along just as children are doing the same thing . It is only when we admit that we are wrong and accept the blame than things can become better.

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  1. I think at some point, as parents, we all go through a moment like that. It is a great teaching point for both the parents and kids. I’m glad your daughter forgave you.

  2. It is so hard to fess up and admit to your kids that you are wrong. I do however believe that by us (as Parents) admitting to our kids that even we make mistakes that it teachers them that we are all human and need to take responsibility for our mistakes.

  3. I do admire you for standing up and setting your error straight! Children do learn so much from the adults in their lives. You are a top notch parent!

  4. Being a parent is the hardest job in the world. Everyday you learn a little more. As your kids get never stop learning.

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