Mother of the Bride Dresses to Die For

With three girls comes three weddings and no there is not a wedding anytime in the near future for us. But as soon as those three bundles of joy were placed in my arms, both my husband and I know that the day will come when they will find someone wonderful to share their lives with. The reality has started to hit now that my oldest is entering her Junior year in college. Which got me thinking when they do get marry do I want to look like someone’s grandma or do I want to be comfortable with who I am? Which led me to  I spent hours looking at dresses there. Which made me think about what kind of mother of the bride I want to be?

Do I want to go with the more sophisicated look like Grace Kelly? If I do than this dress would fit the bill.


But then if I wanted to go with more of a sexy and sleek look. Than this dress will fit the bill.

sexy and chic 1

But then you can’t go wrong with the Audrey Hepburn Breakfast at Tiffany’s Look which is what I think this look represents.

breakfast at tiffany's


No matter what I decide when the time comes it is all about not upstaging the bride. and even these sexy mother of the bride dresses at will be sure not to do that. These dresses show you can be classy and sexy all at the same time. I hope when the time comes for my daughters to be brides I can still find dresses like these that will make me feel like a classic Hollywood star and still feel sexy as well. No grandma dresses for me. Tell me what kind of dress do you see yourself wearing when your child gets married?

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