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Being the mom of three beautiful girls who I am amazed on how quickly they are growing up. It just seems like yesterday that they were in diapers and now we are looking at dresses for Quincenaras, proms and hopefully further way further down the road, wedding dresses. With that said I am always looking for quality and affordable dresses. I am very lucky that my two older daughters can wear each other’s clothes but youngest is so much taller than her sisters were at that age I doubt she will be able to wear her sisters’ hand me downs. Now this is where prom season comes in.

Maddie, my oldest will soon be attending prom with her “boyfriend”. She has always been the one out of all three of my daughters that looks at how much everything cost and tries to look for the most affordable dresses to buy. I mean last year her prom dress cost us a total of $30.  It was very simple but elegant black dress with silver accents and she looked stunning in it. Now this year we are on the hunt for another prom dress and it looks like I might be need two because my middle daughter might be attending with one of her friends.

I found some very unique dresses at JenJenHouse. This site has a dress for just about personality, size and color. They also offer dresses for every occasion.  I loved the selection that they had. Having such a great selection made it harder to choose just one. Looking through the dresses reminded me of when I attended my prom some  20 years ago. It also gave me some regrets because when I got married my husband and I eloped to South Carolina and the one thing I always regretted is that I did not have a gown that I could pass down to my daughters to wear on their wedding day. But this site, had me dreaming of buying a gown to renew our wedding vows. So if you are looking for a gown for that special occasion than check this site out. I will warn you, you will have a hard time choosing just one.

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  1. Looks like a super neat site! My daughter will be looking for a prom dress soon, loving the prices and selection!

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