Never to Early to Scope Out Mother of Bride Dresses

Although my girls are not even thinking about marriage because their minds are focused on college, school and their careers. I know there will come a day when they come to their dad and me and say “Mom and Dad (Fill in Guy’s name here) and I are getting married. If there is one thing in life that I regret is the fact that my husband and I ran off to get married. No wedding in sight. When the time comes for my girls I want them to decided what they want but that doesn’t mean that I can’t dream of those days and more importantly what I will wear as the mother of the bride.

When I think mother of the bride dresses I have always thought of them as matronly (older). And anybody that knows me knows how young at heart I am. So matronly dresses are not for me, but I am also not one to show off all of my goodies either. I will have to say that I have found some awesome dresses at and I am already scoping out my choices. A mom can daydream can’t she? Just look at these stunning dresses.

This beautiful blue lace dress is so elegant. I will admit that it is a little shorter than what I would want it to be. But on the upside I can wear it again to any other function.

mother of bride lace dress

I love this one as well. But I will have to admit that it will show a little of the goodies. But I think it can be very made tasteful. I love cut and the fact it does not draw attention to the bottom half.

taffeta dress

So tell me do you have daughters and have you dreamed of the dress that you will wear?

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