MagiQuest A Fairytale Journey

MagiQuest Journey

Travel back into time back where chivalry isn’t dead and knights rescue the damsels in distress. A fairy tale land if you will, where the hero goes off to save the village from the evil dragon that is terrorizing it. When you wave your magic wand at Great Wolf Lodge you are transported into the land of fairytales. Children young and old enjoy the challenge of figuring out the clues for a chance to face the dragon on the battlefield.

Sounds like fun, right? MagiQuest is exactly like that and more. If you stay at the Great Wolf Lodge,make sure to spend the little extra it costs for your child to be transported into this magical world. First, as a parent I will have to say that I loved this. Our first night at the hotel, Raul and the girls went on the quest. But the three days that we were there the quest continued. I loved that not only does it allow children to get an awesome amount of exercise (all that walking) it also forced them to use their imagination as well as their brains.  The kids have so much fun doing it that they don’t realize they are getting exercise and brain exercise as well.

MagiQuest Mikaela

And what is even more awesome about this game is that if you play one year you can use the same wand the next time you play you just have to pay to activate it. How cool is that? My girls had tons of fun playing this game so I would highly suggest that if you have a MagiQuest near you to check it out. It is an awesome way to have great family fun.

To find out more about MagiQuest check out their website.

Disclosure: MagiQuest was not included in our room stay at Great Wolf Lodge Charlotte/Concord but it is such an awesome game that I felt that I just had to share it.


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  1. That is totally cool. I know my kids would thoroughly enjoy it if they could. I’m definitely going to check out the site.

  2. I didn’t realize great wolf was a chain. I used to stop at one on the way from upper to lower Michigan!

  3. Wow! Sounds like a fun game! We went to the lodge and saw people playing this but never tried it. Sounds awesome!

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