Time Saving Party Tips

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I have shared how to must haves for a frugal party as well easy appetizers that will let you spend more time with your guest and less time in stress. Today I am going to give you some time-saving party tips that will allow you a moment to relax before your guest arrive and you will be able to enjoy your party guests as well. First thing is to let your guests serve themselves of course if it is a sit-down dinner party than that might not be a good idea. What I mean by allowing guests to help themselves is to set up self-serve stations like a buffet bar and a drinking station. Let them do the mixing so you can mingle and enjoy your party as well. Speaking of buffet tables, you want to have beautiful arrangements as well, but you don’t need to rob a bank to make one. Look no further than the outside your door to find inspiration. A branch painted white and set in a vase with pebbles on the bottom makes an impressive centerpiece. Now that you have your arrangement taken care of look at the dishes that you will be serving your food in. Look for dishes and plate that make a statement but also don’t forget to go with items that you might not usually use as a serving dish. Let your imagination run wild.

This probably the most important tip I can give you, get help. Have one of your friends come before the party to help you prep for the party. And you have a juicy gossip session while you are at it then that is better.

If you can set up the day before the party, I know that most of us do not live in huge homes but try to set out what you will use for the party. No last-minute stress over looking for something.

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