When Did You Grow Up?

When did You Grow Up

When did this happen? When did you grow up? Weren’t you just a little bundle of joy when we brought you home from the hospital? It seemed like I blinked and you grew up overnight. Ever felt like that, I am feeling that way now. I look at my beautiful older daughter and I am amazed at the mature young woman she is becoming. The other day she got a flat tire at school. (Now mind you school is 2 ½ hours away) Most kids would call home and say hey I got a flat send $. But not mine, she found a place to replace the tire and even bought a jack to replace the one that broke last year. And she did all of this with her own money and before she even mentioned it to her dad or me.  It was only after she had everything fixed did she tell us what had happened. She is becoming a mature adult at the age of 19.

I often wonder where has the time gone, but I guess I can take comfort in the fact that I can trust her in her decisions that she is making on her own because has proven to us she can handle tough situations, which all comes from being an adult.

So to my oldest daughter, welcome to the adult world were you have to put on your granny panties and deal with all that life has to throw at you.

So tell me, how have you realized that your little bundle of joy is no longer a baby but a full grown adult?

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