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This post is sponsored by Barnes & Noble. However being prepared for college is something we take very seriously.

Barnes and Noble Credit Card

Now that Mikaela is a senior in high school, she is starting to think about her future more and more. She has always known what she wanted to do. She wants to be an architect and there are two colleges that she wants to go to. But she also knows that to get into these colleges she needs to get a good score on her ACT’s and SAT’s. To help better prepare her to take these tests we stopped by a Barnes & Noble bookstore near where her sister, our oldest goes to college to check out some test prep books. Being prepared to take this tests is the first step to an amazing future for her. To find your local Barnes & Noble store, or shop online, visit their website.

Test prep is easier with Barnes & Noble

So now that she is prepared to study, she needs to be prepared for life. To many college students are already in debt by the time their college career ends. Money responsibility is another awesome lesson that needs to be taught. Building a good credit profile is a must. But many college students don’t know how to do this.  I know that Maddie my oldest is extremely cautious with money and she waited until she was in her third year of college before she even thought about getting a credit card. But Mikaela is not unlike her sister and we have already researched some credit cards that would be great as her first card to have.


One of the ones we have put at the top of our list is the Barnes & Noble MasterCard. It would be great for her to use when purchasing textbooks and supplies. This particular card allows her to have 5% back when and if she uses this card to buy everything she needs for school. And after looking around at the Barnes & Noble near Maddie’s college, I can honestly say that the prices are comparable if not better than some other stores. I was totally impressed. And unlike most cards the first time it is used you get a $25 Barnes & Noble Gift card and another $25 gift card every time you reach 2,500 points. Think of all the money you will save on textbooks and even leisure reading. For more information about the Barnes & Noble MasterCard, or to apply, visit here.

Although we don’t advocate the use of credit cards a lot because we have seen the trouble that people can get into when using one. We do advocate building a good solid credit base and getting this card is exactly what Mikaela would be doing. Building awesome credit for an awesome future.

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  1. My son is going to college at the end of this week and his school requires all their students to buy their books on Amazon. There is no bookstore on campus.

  2. You know, I guess I never thought about giving a college student their own credit card. 5% back is pretty good. Anything helps!

  3. I have to tell my sister about this. My niece just left for college and I think she needs this.

  4. Barnes and Noble is one of my favorite places to stop at the mall. We picked up some SAT books there for the kids.

  5. I have taught my kids the importance of credit. I agree, they need to be used with caution but can be very helpful

  6. Barnes and Nobles has so many great items. I bought a lot of our books for homeschooling from them.

  7. This would be perfect for my Daughter. She just started her first year of College. I will have to share this with her.

  8. What a great idea! Although I doubt I would give my kids a credit card in college. If they got one on their own then that’s their deal, but I just am not sure I would. Maybe though, depending.

  9. It’s smart to be prepared. I’m grown and didn’t have debt in college until recently. Now… I’m a mess. I wish I’d have planned better.

  10. We also love Barnes and Noble. I didn’t realize you could apply for a credit card that gives rewards and cash back. I also love that you get a $25 B&N gift card the first time you use it.

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