Having A Circle of Friends


Webster’s Dictionary defines the word friend as a person who you like and enjoy spending time. Have you ever noticed how friendship is like ocean waves? They ebb and reach a high and but can also reach a low as well. There are some friendships that last forever across the expanse of time and some that only last a short while but you are a better person because of that friendship.

There have been times that I have not been the best friend I could be, and I let that friendship slide, but as you can tell by my real me post, it is not easy for me to open to people and when I am hurt it is hard for me to speak up and voice my feelings. Sometimes letting go of a friendship is the hardest thing to do but if it is a friendship that is worth anything it will just be on a low.

Have you ever noticed that there are certain friends in your circle that you go to when you need advice, have fun, have a heartfelt chat, or even just to hang out and relax? I have noticed that with me. I tend to have groups of friends who sometimes interact with others but not often. When I need spiritual guidance, I tend to ask my friend Andrea, from high school, or Beverly for advice. If I need to hang out and chill than Kathi would be the friend that I would call. Even though we don’t get to spend a lot of time together when we do it doesn’t seem like any time has passed. There are topics that I talk about with Kathi that I would never talk about with anyone else.

Cindi is the one that I hang out with when I need decorating advice or feel like being crafty. Plus the bonus, we have tons of fun together. But her busy life combined with mine makes it hard for us to get together as often.

Then there are my heartfelt confidantes that would be Liz and Courtney. Liz because she doesn’t take no for an answer. She pushes me into answering some questions that I tend not to know the answer too, but I am not willing to say out loud. She makes me confront my fears head-on and see how much better my life would be dealing with issues instead of burying them. Plus she is a hoot to hang out with, look for some adventures with her this summer since she moved closer to the next state I plan on seeing lots of her shortly.

Courtney is the one that discusses all the family issues with from illnesses to other stuff. She is the friend that most understands what I was going through when Gracie was yet to be diagnosed. It is lovely to have friends that you can cry with and not worry about or care about what you look like after being an ugly bawling crybaby.

Then there are friends that are awesome to hang out with even though I only have a short time with them. Beth and Kaci would be on that list. Sadly the friendship with Beth, I have not been the best friend in a part of that is because of being afraid to show the real me. She has always wanted to do things, and I haven’t had the money to do it and instead of telling her upfront that I don’t have the money and being embarrassed, I tend to avoid doing things with her. Sadly, it has hurt our friendship, and I really miss her. I hope someday we will get back to being the way we were.

Kaci is the friend who I look like a little sister. I first met her when my girls were elementary school, and she was still in high school. Her wedding was at our house, and my three girls were in her wedding. Even though she lives in Georgia, she is never far from my thoughts. Just recently I was able to spend an evening with her when she came to visit. Even though this is the second time in two years that I have seen her it still is like no time has been lost.

Then there is that one friend that is a combination of a little bit of the others, and that would be Sherry. When we get together normally over dinner at Olive Garden. We let our hair down and discuss just everything. Our frustrations over our jobs, families, high school kids, kids going to college you name it I think it has been discussed over a glass of sangria. She is the one friend that even though we don’t hang out very often, there is never a loss for words when we do hang out.

So now you know what my circle of friends is like? Are your circles like mine?

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  1. That was the most beautiful piece of writing ever! You described the different types of friendship perfectly. I always go to you when I need a friend because you accept me exactly as I am. You have known me longer than any of my friends and you have been there through my bad times. You never judge me. Thank you, Melissa! I love you!

  2. I don’t have a circle of friends. I have a lot of friends, but they are really all separate, so I do things with each of them, but never really together.

  3. Cherish your friendships forever. I still have friends from way back and we still get together often. It’s such a pleasure to reminiscence with them about old times.

  4. What a sweet post. I don’t have a circle of friends anymore. I have different friends that I get together with individually.

  5. That’s beautiful. Sadly, I broke off friendships often in life for personal reasons and where I was in my own head. I have some wonderful friendships now, however, and I hope that as we all grow as mothers, our friendship will grow as a group, as well.

  6. I Only Have A Few Friends I Consider REAL FRIENDS THAT I CAN COUNT ON & That’s Just Fine With Me Whenever I Need Them They Are There For Me & I’m There For Them NO MATTER WHAT That’s The Way It Should Be!!

  7. I’m actually more of a loner. I have a group of friends that I go have a drink with a couple times a year. And we have a group of friends that come over every now and then that we have known since high school, and that is about it.

  8. I am glad that you have a circle of friends who are always there for you in good and especially in bad times. I also have a circle of friends that I’ve known when I first arrive in America. Most of us have two kids and we see each very often now that the weather is warm. Every time I am with them, I have the best laughter ever 🙂

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